Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Well the first Sunday roast in our new home went off exceedingly well even if I do say so myself. The oven performed miracles and everyone enjoyed themselves

Rob suggested I made profiteroles for sweet as they are always extremely popular and over the years have been like my signature dish - how posh was that comment! Whenever asked what they wanted the family always wanted them and if I offered to take food anywhere it was always the same request. Trust me they are not easy to transport in a car!!!

Anyway they rose beautifully and cooked well in the gas oven so I breathed a sigh of relief
and below the finished plateful.

After the meal there was not one scrap left!!!!

Well as we started to sit down for dinner who thought she was guest of honour! No prizes for guessing that it was the most mischievous cat ever! She was sent packing very quickly.

Caroline and Nic arrived with this beautiful vase as a New Home Pressie - it matches a smaller version that I had had as a Mothers Day gift last year. Then lo and behold my sister arrived bearing these beautiful flowers so they just happened to fit the vase beautifully.

It was a great day. Rob and I were privy to a sneak preview of Nic & Caroline's wedding rings and they are so pretty - well perhaps I should not describe Nic's as pretty!!

So all in all it was a fabulous day - thank you to all my wonderful family I am so lucky to have you all xxxx


  1. When you say the oven 'performed well ',I think some credit has to go to the driver! you really are the most talented lady, all that beautiful sewing and cooking as well! Jan xxx

  2. A signature dish! How posh are you! They look scrumtious.

  3. Oh profiteroles, how lucky were they? Think I recognise that table runner, very nice.Not long now to the wedding, so exciting.