Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I just love this quilt it is made out of Hoffmann Bali Pops and looks so good - not finished yet seem to be running out of time as always!!
This is being taught at Art & Stitch, Peterborough on Wednesday 5th May - and should be a really good day.
It is so effective and yet so simple to make, everyone should go away with the blocks put together.
One lady is using a William Morris jelly roll, another a green bali pop so it will be great to see the different colour combinations come together.
So anyone who is free come and join us for the workshop only £20.00 - a real snip!!!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fitzwilliam Quilters held their exhibition of Quilts at the Weekend at Thorpe Hall, it was absolutely fabulous. The quilts were wonderful. Too many photos to put them all on this blog.

We took our stand their and it was very successful - met lots and lots of lovely people and hopefully some new customers will come Art & Stitch way too.

Then yesterday my sister and I went to the V& A oh it was superb. A nice day in London and I just love the V & A building the fascia is just so wonderful - i should have taken my camera just for that - but didn't oh well next time.
the quilts were wonderful and how they managed to see them so well by hand in abmissal lighting conditions is beyond me.
So now looking forward to Wales, taking all the family thirteen of us in all away for the Bank Holiday weekend - lots of food, wine, etc. etc. and some good fun yeh!!!!! The errant cat is going to the cattery. Her latest escapades are beyond words - but then she looks sooo cute you cannot be cross!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just had to show you this, my table runner - how bright is that. Made out of a Bali Pop in friendship braid - so quick so easy and I love it.
I just love the Bali Pops they are soo colourful.
The vase was my mother's day pressie from Caroline and the daffodils courtesy of good old Tesco's.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Angela was saying she wanted to see some more holiday photos - so here are some more of the Turkey trip.

How would you fancy cooking like this - they were fantastic cheese pancakes and the tea in the pot was delicious

This was in the Musuem in Antalaya isn't it beautiful. There was lots of beautiful costumes as well.

One of my favorite little rock houses - though I doubt i could get my sewing machine in there.

Underground Church when the Christians were being persecuted - they were fabulous places

I got a new job at the carpet factory and they showed Mum and I how to do a couple of strands.
So sometime somewhere in the world will be a handmade carpet with my strands of weaving yeh!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Having spent the week in Turkey and Rob's Mum needed a bag which she could fit eveything in so I set about making her a new one as soon as we got home - to go over her shoulder to leave hands free - would take all the items required by a lady of 82 - so here is the finished article, I made a zipper pocket inside for the passport, purse etc. so she would feel safe.

I am pleased to say she was over the moon with it, I chose a moda jelly roll and all the colours will co-ordinate with her outfits .

It was fun to make and I think I shall make myself one but slightly smaller.

Now I am going to teach this and the other bag I made, at a workshop at Art & Stitch on Wednesday 16th June - so should be a good day.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hello I am back - just in case you had missed me!!!

We went to Turkey for a week's holiday and it was absolutely fabulous, weather, the people, the food and the places we visited were out of this world.

I have uploaded some photos and would have done more but the machine doesn't let me so breath a sigh of relief!!

The photo above is of a Whirling Dirvish and that was a fabulous evening, they did a reinactment of the actual service which we were not allowed to photograph and then this guy came on at the end, the whole service was magical and so thought provoking. I have to confess to never knowing the truth and meaning behind them as a religious group. But oh so wonderful.

The two photos below are of Cappadocia - which was just like entering a magic fairy world, little
natural chimney rocks which have been turned into dwellings over the millennium. We had a view of one from our hotel window. Rob's Mum who is 82 this year came with us and this is her with our Guide Osman who was such a lovely man.

This picture was the ceiling in a Ceramic musuem in Konya it was absolutely fabulous the centre of the doomed ceiling opened to allow the sun into the room to shine on this large pit for wine making.
I could go on and on about the Place but hey ho
better go and start sewing touch job but someone has to do it.