Tuesday, 28 February 2012

 Well it is ages since I last sat down to put anything on my blog - no excuses pure laziness!!  Well january and February have flown by and we have been so busy at the shop which is fabulous.    I thought I would put a photo of the Christmas cake we were given by Ericha's Mum  for Christmas - Anne makes the most fabulous cakes they are superb.  We have been enjoying this throughout the month - so shall have to drop loud hints ready for next year!!

I have been busy making Hungry caterpillar baby quilts ready for Caroline and my grandson to be - but I have not taken photos as yet they will follow.

I have been doing this wallhanging at home in the evenings whilst watching the television - it is currently up in the shop - but I shall put it in my sewing room soon.  Though I desperately need to tidy my sewing room.!!

Well we had a fabulous day at Angelsey Abbey with friends - the snowdrops were beautiful - I have to say it is one of my favorite places to visit.
These little cyclamine were nestling in amongst the snowdrops and they were beautiful.
I absolutely love these silver birch trees - they looked lovely in the sun.
We have been having some workshops on the Four seasons wall hangings and this is my summer one.  I am currently working on an autumn hanging and Angela has requested I do spring and winter so we can change the four that have been hanging in the entrance way to the shop.   So that is my next job!!
Right well I have got the borders on the autumn one now so best go and get it finished!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I just had to share these with you - Rob and I have been discussing our Wedding Invitations and I wanted them to be personal and homemade with something different.  As I always make my Christmas Cards, I wanted to carry on in the same vein.

So I am making organza flowers and thank to Angela for helping me and Gina Ferrari for the inspiration - here are the flowers made so far.

I did make some bronze specimans as well but the red look so much richer and nicer on the cards.  We have made a couple of mock up cards but you will all have to wait to see the finished items!

I now have to make alot lot more but I am enjoying them and you can see the improvement in my flowers - as Angela and Gina both say it is down to practice and it comes.

I have been watching Gina's DVD and that really inspired me to come out of my comfort zone and make these.