Tuesday, 28 February 2012

 Well it is ages since I last sat down to put anything on my blog - no excuses pure laziness!!  Well january and February have flown by and we have been so busy at the shop which is fabulous.    I thought I would put a photo of the Christmas cake we were given by Ericha's Mum  for Christmas - Anne makes the most fabulous cakes they are superb.  We have been enjoying this throughout the month - so shall have to drop loud hints ready for next year!!

I have been busy making Hungry caterpillar baby quilts ready for Caroline and my grandson to be - but I have not taken photos as yet they will follow.

I have been doing this wallhanging at home in the evenings whilst watching the television - it is currently up in the shop - but I shall put it in my sewing room soon.  Though I desperately need to tidy my sewing room.!!

Well we had a fabulous day at Angelsey Abbey with friends - the snowdrops were beautiful - I have to say it is one of my favorite places to visit.
These little cyclamine were nestling in amongst the snowdrops and they were beautiful.
I absolutely love these silver birch trees - they looked lovely in the sun.
We have been having some workshops on the Four seasons wall hangings and this is my summer one.  I am currently working on an autumn hanging and Angela has requested I do spring and winter so we can change the four that have been hanging in the entrance way to the shop.   So that is my next job!!
Right well I have got the borders on the autumn one now so best go and get it finished!!!


  1. That cake looks lovely, unfortunately I can't vouch for the taste!
    Your hanging looks lovely. The Silver Birch trees are very pretty. They would make an ideal subject for David Hockney.

  2. I've never seen cyclamine before and those silver birch are just so beautiful, they are one of my favourite trees. They will be a picture when the bulbs underneath come into bloom. Your hanging is lovely.