Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where has August gone to?

I really cannot credit that we are almost at the end of August - where oh where has this  month flown to.
I started the month by partially retiring and had such plans to get so much done - and I guess in truth I haven't done too badly at all.
It has been a lovely month weather wise, and Rob and I have been busy out in the garden endeavouring to keep the weeds at bay.

Anyway creativity, I have managed to finish a couple of quilts and I am rather chuffed with this lovely little bag I made for myself, it is just the right size and soo useful and with the central phone pocket, has made Rob's day as he could get to the phone when it rang the other day and I was driving without having to delve into the depths of the bag and then miss the call - so he was  well pleased.

When Rob and I went to the Spalding Quilt show we got some fat eights in these gorgeous Kath Fassette fabrics and I have with the help of fabric from Art and Stitch turned it into a disappearing NinePatch.  I quilted it with my wavy ruler and now it is finished.  This is Rob's quilt he fell for the colours and this will be on his armchair for him to snuggle up in on a chilly day.

So now we are looking forward to our first wedding anniversary next week - where oh where has that year gone to- then September I am going to endeavour to finish at least one more of my unfinished projects - yet hopefully look for something new to do.

Actually, I am on the felting course at Art and Stitch on Saurday for the Felted Beach scene - I have never done felting before - but now I am semi-retired I have the time to do the courses - oh how lovely  - I am looking forward to my day.  Barbara's Daughter Sam is doing the course with me so we shall have lots of fun and learn a new technique how great.

Hopefully something to blog about very soon!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A fabulous five days

Well it has been a fabulous five days, it started last Friday - with my Sister arriving to stay and then we went with Paul (eldest son) Mark (youngest son) Rob Maggie and I to Clarke's Restaurant in Peterborough.  it is the nearest Peterborough has to a Michellin Star rated restaurant.  It was absolutely fantastic - they have moved into bigger premises which are lovely.  We went to celebrate the night before Paul's Wedding and it great.

Well Saturday dawned sunny and Maggie, Caroline and I headed to the hairdressers, and Rob & Mark headed to Paul's to get dressed - have a brunch and then head to the venue in a vintage Camper Van - the van was fantastic.
Well here are a few snippets of the day, which was fantastic, it ran so smoothly, The Haycock Hotel at Wansford, did a fabulous job - they looked after us all so well and it just became totally magical.
The Bride (Ericha) was radient, the Groom (Paul) was so Handsome (not biased)

The cake was made by Ericha's very talented Mum - Anne - it tasted delicious as well and looked beautiful.

The flowers were all blue and out of this world, I bought some home and these are now sitting in my hearth in the living room.

A group photo of proud parents, Ushers and Brothers

Of course Leo was thoroughly enjoying himself - he was given a special jigsaw to play with and so had a great time.

We all stayed over at the Haycock on Saturday night - and then had a restful lovely day on Sunday.
Then Monday we headed to London, I had bought Rob tickets to go up The Shard and this was the view it was fabulous - a clear day and a total view all over London and surrounding countryside.  It was amazing

Then on Tuesday Rob and I took Leo to the playpark and he had a great time - well we most certainly did!!

So there you go an edited version of our fabulous five days.  I am so proud of my family and they all made the day so magical.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Big Catch up

 Well it has been a little while since I last blogged - no real excuse just tardiness on my part!  Life as always has been lovely and busy and time just flies by.  I love reading other blogs and hearing what everyone is doing - making - and holidays it is great.

I have been busy but now that I am officially semi-retired yeh - I hope to have more time to get some of my projects done and to enjoy myself at home a little more.

This quilt is for Rob he chose the fabrics and is really looking forward to me getting it finished for him to snuggle under on chilly winter days.

Saturday was officially my first day as part time - I now work Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays - so my darling daughter Caroline felt we had to make the day special for my first day off and she booked for us all to go to the Burghley Film Festival for a picnic - it was great - the setting was beautiful - the weather was gorgeous - Leo thoroughly enjoyed herself - the Walt Disney film was fabulous - it was basically Rupunzal but sort of jazzed up it was lovely.

On Monday we went down to my Sister's in London we had a fabulous day the weather was lovely in the morning and in the afternoon we walked up to her allotment and there was a down pour - we ended up sheltering in her shed - which was abit of a squash.  The photo above is of some of Maggie's lace - it is a lovely tray that displays them nicely, it needed two pairs of hands to get them in straight and sorted. In fact three pairs at one time!!
Tuesday was Leo time we went to the playpark and this is him doing head shoulders knees and toes!!!!
 When we got home from the playpark, Caroline had laid out all her granny squares to see how many more she needs to make - well he was straight in - this is how they looked one minute now look!!

Oh thanks Mum these are new toys I am having a great time!  I got into trouble as I just stood and laughed!

 Well I have also been finishing a few UFO's and here they are - my New York Beauty - I have to say I am very pleased with this.
The Hunters Star - actually this photo is not doing it justice - I chose very pastel colours - not my normal choice and initially I was not at all pleased with it, but now quilted and finished it is much much better than I thought.
I do love foundation piecing and both these last two projects were foundation pieced.

Well now I am going to go and start sewing - I have a new project to start on which will become a workshop as soon as i get it all put together.