Friday, 28 September 2012

Honeymoon in Canada

Well you may just have noticed that I was missing for a little while - I have been to Do a Tour called the Canadian Oddessey - which took us from Toronto through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver.
It was the most fantastic trip ever, we all felt that we needed to pinch ourselves everyday just to make sure it was real.  We were on a tour with 22 other folks, and it was a fantastic group - all with superb senses of humour and all very easy going.  Our Tour Manager also was great and looked after us exceedingly well.  So it was a holiday to remember.
 Day One and a tour of Toronto followed by a Harbour Cruise.  The weather was absolutely spectacular, around 28/29 degrees and clear blue skies.
 Day Two was a trip to Niagra - we flew over the falls in a helicopter first then to the falls themselves and on the maid of mist boat trip right into the falls and got slightly wet - it was an experience to remember. 
 Day three to Banff and a trip around Banff and these were the Bow River Falls - superb again the weather was absolutely fantastic.  We had a great tour around and it was a great trip.
This little fellow was busy collected food for his winter store - and just stopped to let us take a snap.
Lake Louise came next - named for one of Queen Victoria's daughters and oh what a view, we had a view of the lake from our hotel room.  The place was so opulent and the food was gorgeous.
Then to the Athabasgar Glacier - oh I just loved the way the canadian's draweled their words, they sounded so sexy - we were lucky our drivers were really proud of their Country and the Rocky Mountains.
We went on a trip on these enormous buses with the most fantastic tyres which enabled them to travel on the the glacier then we got out and had a walk around.

The Rockies have some of the most fabulous named places this was "Natural Bridge" at Kicking Horse |Pass!!!  The beauty of the place was just breathtaking.

Now I have spent hours just trying to download these photos so - I am going to do another post tomorrow with more photos.

I found a quilting shop in Banff which was called StychenTyme - lovely ladies with a fabulous selection of fabrics and wools! 

In truth with the trouble I have had with the uploading of photos today, it might take two more posts to go through the entire holiday!!!  So watch this space!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our Wonderful Day

Well here are some photos of the most wonderful day on Sunday - The Haycock Hotel was wonderful and the gardens were just perfect for the photos.  Most of these are courtesy of Angela - we have one or two official photos which were put on Facebook - but waiting for the rest.

Rob and I with all our children with their partners and our grandson!!
Looks like I am attempting to organise them as ever!!!
This is Caroline my daughter to the left of me, Liz Rob's daughter and Ericha my eldest son's partner.

Dawn looking gorgeous with Margaret and Edwin behind
Babarba still giving instructions and Neil

The real stars of the day!!!  Ellie looking so cute and innocent - butter would not melt in her mouth!!
Watch out men later in life!!!
 Little Leo just fifteen weeks- he was dressed in the most gorgeous babygro which was printed as a tuxedo he looked the business - he behaved perfectly during the ceremony and stole the whole show!!!!

This is one of the official photos from DistantCloud - I love the black and white.
My bouguet,my fruit punch and a heart that Rob's Mum gave me
Angela took this and it looks lovely we all seem so relaxed - have lost Caroline though wonder where she went.
Angela has managed to escape any of these pictures as she was behind the camera but hopefully there will be some of her when we get from other folks and the distantcloud pictures.  She tries to avoid the camera but I am certain she will have been caught at some stage.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

 An absolutely wonderful day!!!  Here are some preview pictures, we are waiting for the official photos and Angela has just e mailed me the photos that she took, but I thought I would post these first.

This is pre-wedding  showing the tables laid out and the place settings I had made and the little fancies with the sugar almonds in them.  They have been taken on my phone so they are not quite as crystal clear as they could be but will give you all an idea of what I have been making over the past few weeks.

We bought the flowers home and these are on my coffee table in the lounge.

My friend has made this for me - it is so beautiful - Sandra if you read this blog which I know you normally do - thank you sooo much.  it was great to have you and Paul with us.

The decoration that we had on the main table in the Tapestry Room for the ceremony - they are now on our dining room table.
 My posy it is absolutely gorgeous - and now in our hall - I guess i should have thrown it for Barbara or Dawn to catch but somehow or other forgot all about that tradition.
This is the cover up I made with the single rose for the side table we had in the Barnaby Room - now on my kitchen windowsill.

Lots and lots of wonderful photos have been taken by lots and lots of wonderful friends - as soon as I have plenty and the poor man that is desperately trying to get on my computer to install the new all singing all dancing printer has finished I shall do yet another post.