Friday, 23 November 2012


At Aston Quilters we have just finished our Mystery Quilt and decided to start a new project - we all like the idea of New |York Beauty so here are my first blocks - the colours are so vibrant and oh I love foundation piecing.  All the ladies have chosen great colours or are using up some scrap fabrics and I think they will all look super.

Well my clever husband - ooh I like saying that!!1  Had a stall with some of his wooden boxes that he makes in his workshop - he is amazingly good even if I say so myself and he virtually sold out.  It was just a taster to see if they sold and they did so now he knows what sort of items to make and what will go well.  The money boxes were a real favorite

This little gorgeous girl is the latest member of our family - Ericha got Paul a kitten for an early christmas present - Cleo she is so cute only eight weeks old but so cheeky.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Over due post

 I hadn't realised how long it was since I put a post on my blog - I have to confess to having been somewhat dispondent recently - felt that I have so many UFO's to complete and let it all get somewhat on top of me.  Fortunately I have a wonderful husband - and he listened to my woes - poor Rob!!  So I am going to make a concerted effort to get on top of the unfinished items and try to relax and enjoy sewing without feeling pressured.

Well I have been working on this quilt since before my wedding - but it is finally together - I have done it as quilt as you go - which has enabled me to quilt each block seperately and I made a template and enjoyed myself doing them.

We had a visitor to the shop on Wednesday - and of course I am not at all biased !!  Leo was not interested in the fabric - but the bowls were great to chew on - then he gave Dawn a lesson in how to use our ruler - although his idea is everying in his mouth at present!!

Then I just am so pleased with these - Angela had designed these stockings and was persuaded to do a course here last week - well I kept listening to all the instructions and hey presto I have made four of them.  Dawn has made one and is going to do another.  So these will be nice for Leo and our three little girls this Christmas.

So hopefully I will not leave blogging for so long - I love reading other blogs and find them all so interesting and then feel that I really have very little to say so I procrastinate and do not blog!!