Thursday, 21 April 2011

Well I have finally got around to publishing about my giveaway - there were four comments so I put the names on a piece of paper

Then they went into one of our little bowls

Anna Marie from Property management was co-erced into picking out one of the slips so that there was no favoritsm

Then the scrapy bit of paper was opened to reveal Sam's name.

So congratulations to Sam - obviously as you can all guess - Barbara was very put out that she did not win and claimed it was all a fix!!! Typical eh. Anyway the parcel has winged its way to Sam and I shall ignore Barbara if Ican.

Well we had a square in a square course on saturday and I found half a jelly roll at home and part of another one so put this together to show the ladies the way to do it - any excuse to make a quilt top eh.
I have to say I am pleased with it

And yesterday I got the borders on - so now it only remains to wad back and quilt!!!

It does look good and the colours are better in the flesh. The new shop is going so well and we have now got extra tables for the other workroom so it is all coming together nicely.

This weekend we are taking the shop to Moulton Mill to the Moulton & Holbeach Quilters Exhibition, and I am looking forward to seeing all the quilts there - it sounds like they have put alot of work into it so will take the camera with me.

Right I need to do some sewing - have a class on saturday for my handbag and as there is no pattern just in my head - I need to get the cobwebs out and quickly I think and put something together for them to see.

Well I hope everyone that reads this has a wonderful Easter Break - it sounds like the weather is going to be good. My sister is coming up on Sunday and it is Caroline's birthday on St George's day so we will be busy by the sound of it. So Happy Easter to one and all.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Well it is ages since I last blogged, the only excuse is that we have been exceedingly busy!!!

Anyway this is my one hundreth post - so a little further into this blog you will see the giveaway - which will be drawn on Tuesday next week - so please make some comments.

Well here is the entrance to the new shop - this will eventually be a classroom - all rooms have flower names and this is the Gerber classroom - Stephs favorite flower.

Here is the shop which is called the Rose Room

Isn't it absolutely fabulous - so much fabric - so much space - so light and airy - it is wonderful.

Look at the workshop tables - today they are full of ladies on social stitching. Everyone coming through the door on Tuesday had goodie bags which Angela had put together and they all enjoyed themselves with chocolate cakes and copious amounts of tea and coffee being drunk.

Now to the Giveaway, I made a scarf ages ago - so whoever wins will just have to put it away until the autumn.

Now I have been very good at home and finally finished some projects - a turn around nine patch baby quilt for a baby due on 21st April - it is very very pretty.

Oh poppy could not resist sneaking into the sewing room and cuddling up for a snooze on a quilt!!

Three chickens made for easter pressies - they hold a creme egg underneath - I made them and put eggs in - but one evening working hard in the sewing room I just had to eat one and then low and behold a second one disappeared the same way. I felt awful poor children chickens and no eggs - so I have bought some more and Rob and Angela have told me I must not touch them.

Now look what is finally finished my Barn Raising Quilt - yeh I am so pleased with it - it looks lovely on the bed so now we have to decorate the bedroom!!

And being the very proud Mother I just wanted to put this photo of my gorgeous daughter and fiancee on the blog - I am so proud of them and so lucky to be her mother

Now that is the end of this epic blog - I look forward to lots of comments for the giveaway.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Well we had a great workshop with a group of ladies, they came into use the Accu Go Cutter to make this block and they all did amazingly well - we had a fabulous two days - and they all went away with at least one block made. Some of them are going to make four blocks and join together to make a large quilt I cannot wait to see them all finished We are getting excited about the shop move only ten days then we will be in the new unit. The shop will open at 8 am and there are goodie bags for the first fifty customers. Barbara and I have been to the charity shop got six wigs each and six coats so we can keep going in and out!!! It is all happening along there - shelf units being assembled, cctv is installed, the electricians are doing the extra sockets for us. Well we seem to keep very busy so I once again have not managed to get much finished. My sewing room is now looking amazingly organised and I actually spent time in there sewing - a project I had started last year and had to put away is now on my design sheet and may get some more work done on it soon I hope.