Saturday, 2 April 2011

Well we had a great workshop with a group of ladies, they came into use the Accu Go Cutter to make this block and they all did amazingly well - we had a fabulous two days - and they all went away with at least one block made. Some of them are going to make four blocks and join together to make a large quilt I cannot wait to see them all finished We are getting excited about the shop move only ten days then we will be in the new unit. The shop will open at 8 am and there are goodie bags for the first fifty customers. Barbara and I have been to the charity shop got six wigs each and six coats so we can keep going in and out!!! It is all happening along there - shelf units being assembled, cctv is installed, the electricians are doing the extra sockets for us. Well we seem to keep very busy so I once again have not managed to get much finished. My sewing room is now looking amazingly organised and I actually spent time in there sewing - a project I had started last year and had to put away is now on my design sheet and may get some more work done on it soon I hope.

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  1. The blocks made using the Go Cutter look great. Your sewing room is very tidy!10 days till the move and sooo much to do, have we got time to sleep?