Saturday, 22 January 2011

Well I have been so remiss in blogging recently and do apologise to anyone who looks at my blog and there is nothing new being shown.

Well we have exchanged contracts on our house and actually move on 4th February - which is very exciting - we have started packing and Poppy is busy supervising to make sure we are doing it all as it should be - also she is very pleased to have the shelf unit all to herself to sleep in!!!!

I have been playing with little bags and sewing cases, it started with making a bag to put the controls for my sewing machine in - and I made one for everyone - but I have not taken a photo of them - silly me!

I have made this sewing case which is really useful for putting all sorts of bits and pieces in.

I made these three bags for Angela as part of her Birthday present - a scissor case, a rotary cutter holder and a miscellaneous bag for putting Angela's glasses in so she does not loose them

I also made Angela a sewing case as well - which she is finding very useful.
Art & Stitch has been incredibably busy and today we have a full workshop doing Anne Stacey's Sampler Quilt Course. We are updating the workshop programme and will be putting lots of extra workshops in.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Well Happy New Year (okay somewhat belatedly) to everyone who reads my blog.

Gosh I cannot believe we are at the 7th of the month already - it seems to have flown by - soon be Christmas!!!!!

I do hope everyone had good holidays and New Year breaks - our family get togethers all went very well and it was lovely to have them all around.
Today is my eldest son's 30th Birthday - wow - he was most miffed as he has an important meeting at work today and when he jokingly said oh nice Birthday present - the Big Big Boss said oh that will be good you can bring the cakes!!!!! So he was up at 6 15 am to cycle to the station get his train to Kings Cross cycle to Kennington and purchase cakes on the way!!!

I meant to bring in an uptodate photo but forgot - here he is with his sister and baby brother many years ago he would have been six at the time but I love this photo of the three of them.

Well Art & Stitch has been mega busy since Christmas - so not much time for creativity at present. Though I wanted to share these - we have a group once a month and we are making a Mystery Quilt - they had to choose their colours and I have been feeding them the parts of the blocks (well Block one at present) and here are their first blocks all put together - they have to make thirteen of these and then we have to start Block Two and I shall drip feed them the parts of this as well. Then they have got a pieced border to make - yeh I am soo pleased with all their first Blocks and it is amazing how the colours have all come together. I managed to sigh with relief when they were all happy with the results!!

So as this project progresses I shall show you more of their efforts.
I have got several quilts to layer and finish - but hey ho they will get done at some stage.
Life seems hectic we are still awaiting a date for the house move though it is moving slowly slowly forwards.
Right well today I intend to make a scissor case for my new shears that I got for Christmas so must go and see if I can make head nor tail of the pattern I have.