Saturday, 31 March 2012

Well I have once again been somewhat tardy in blogging - not that I did not want to, but time has been against me as always - oh here come the excuses I hear you cry!!
 Well I had to sho you the naughtiest cat of all times - how rude is this - good job the table runner goes in the washing machine - and madam was evicted with haste after I took the photo!!
Okay I apologise my blogging skills are not brilliant and I have managed to upload the same picture twice - doh!!!!   We have been having workshops doing these Seasonal pictures and this is my funky summer - it is gorgeous I love it!!!  Barbara was agreat help as I was changing my mind re fabrics through the making process so it was being reversed stitched in several places.
We had a fabulous group of ladies making Chickens and this is my three - and they currently all have their creme eggs in place in the pockets!   I bought a pack of six so have been able to nibble through the spares!  These are going to three little girls for Easter.
Here is the rest of the pack that our ladies made - they all came out in varying shapes and sizes - but everyone had a fabulous day.
Well I have been making some little bits for the next Tombola and have done so flower brooches and am really pleased with them.
Well honestly my blogging skills are useless - how did this picture of the chickens get in here - I honestly do not recall pressing any buttons to upload this - but they are the cheekiest little chickens and they snuk in - not my fault at all!!
Well this is my current project at home - not done very much at all as yet - but having fun doing this - I am of course impatient and want to get it finished asap. 

Well I have managed to get one quilt wadded up this week - and we did one of Barbara's as well between us - which is a start - we both have so many to do that it will be several more trips to the Poppy Rom to get them done - but we have made a decision that this is our next aim to get them at least wadded up - we will get them finished sometime!!!

Right well work calls - have a fabulous weekend everyone - shame the weather has gone cooler - but it is only the end of March. 

Oh just a snippet of trivia  eight weeks time and I am going to become a Nanny!   No excitement there, is there!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A busy day on Saturday, we had two fabulous workshops running, and here are the Big |Square bags my ladies were making - aren't they all fabulous.  I just love the way they all look so different depending upon the fabrics chosen.  We had two new ladies who have done very little before and their bags were fabulous - they said they had a great day and will be returning for more courses.  Actually they booked some whilst here!! 

We also had a wonderful workshop with hexagon boxes and unfortunately, we were not quick enough to get some photos - I am going to ask some of the ladies to bring theirs in to show us so we can get some piccies to show you all.

Well it was Mother's Day - oh no great news there - and I had a wonderful day with all the family, we were so lucky that we joined forces with the Elliott Family and the Pardoe/Winter Clan and had a wonderful lunch and lots of chatter, laughter and fun.  Thank you to Caroline and Nic for organising it and thanks to all for coming and making it such a lovely day.
Mark thought my waistline needs expanding and bought me this lovely cake, and Paul got me these flowers.  Caroline & nic bought me a lovely new address book, which was oh so needed, the old one had lost pages got more crossed out addresses etc. etc. so i satu and wrote all the addresses into the new book on Sunday - so thank you Caroline & Nic a present that will be well used.
I know I am an indulgent Mother but I am so lucky and so proud of them all. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

well I know it is like feast or famine - I either blog like mad or leave it for weeks and weeks.  But here i am again with some more updates.
 My sister bought this beautiful piece of marble back from India at the end of last year, and so asked my Rob to make some legs to fit it so she could use as a little occasional table.  This is the finished item. The top is beautiful all inlaid and the legs have been made to fit the top.  If I was the jealous type I would have wondered why he kept disappearing into the workshop to shape Maggie's legs!!

Well we have had another successful workshop here at Art and Stitch - Attic Windows look at some of the work that they put together

This was Sally's and she managed to get the borders on as well before we finished for the day, beautiful colours.
 Gill started making a cushion, ended up as a wall hanging and is now quilted and ready to hang.  Lovely colours.
Margaret wanted to use these snowmen and hence a lovely snowy wallhanging.
 Pauline was going for vibrant and it looks superb.
There were some others - I  have done one with teddy bears in the windows and have now got it together and borders on - this will be for my Grandson to be - show you on my next blog.
Well this is young Gemma - and as Barbara was not in the other day, Neil gave her a chocolate carrot to try and wind Barbara up - it worked!!!  She said it was very nice though.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Well I promised I would show you some of the work at our Workshop on Saturday at Art and Stitch for a Scrappy hasppy Quilt - look what fun all these different blocks are.  I have taken some more photos but for some reason today, Blogger is not uploading them all.  Sounds like an excuse but honestly it is not.
This one is mine, I have now wadded and quilted it to make into a cushion.
 This was Gill's lovely and delicate.
This was Sally's - she only joined us at lunch time as work got in the way in the morning!
These are Julie's and that was so good - her car turned up and I said with surprise what are you doing here?  Here for hexagon boxes she said - oh no you are not that is next week I said.  So she stayed with us and did an impromptu course and it was lovely to have her with us.
Well I have managed to upload a few more photos - aren't they all beautiful.  It was a lovely workshop and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

It is great to see all the blocks come together.  Ineka is making a full size quilt and I shall endeavour to get her photo up on the blog as well.  Yeh I did it this photo is Ineka's - she was not sure about random buy aren't they lovely colours.

Right best go and see if i can do some work - there is a hive of activity going on behind me so i had better show willing.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Well I have had instructions from Angela that I should update my blog - and as I do not wish to be sacked on Tuesday I am for once doing as I am told!!!!
I have been busily making this wonderful wall hanging at home in the evenings - I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am feeling somewhat at a loss now as it is finished!
I have enhanced with suffolk puffs and buttons and beads and it will be hanging on my landing - but at the moment is residing in Art and Stitch.

I mentioned the other day that Rob - is very busy in his workshop which is a fabulous place a hive of machinery - saws, clamps, etc. etc.  - anyway here is the lovely little box that he has just finished.  There are more in the preparation stage and they are so pretty.

Right well we are in the middle of a fabulous scrappy workshop here at Art and Stitch and I am off to go and see how they are all doing - taken some photos and will show you them next week.  Hope everyone that reads this blog has a great weekend.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I have been trying to get some of my quilts finished - I have made myself a promise that some of the projects have to be completed.  Whether I shall stick to this or not is debatable of course.  Anyway this is a lovely courthouse steps with little teddies peeking out - and I was making it for my friend's daughters baby - well I finished it yesterday and the baby was born yesterday - phew good timing or what.
I started this Radient Star ages and ages ago and yesterday I managed to get it wadded and backed so just the quilting to go!!   I am going to finish this as it is a wallhanging for home so it is going to get done!!  
So I guess I had better get started!!  We are having social stitching today at Art and Stitch so nice and busy.  It is also a lovely sunny day and I left home with Rob hanging the towels on the line - oh I love seeing washing on the line - sad I know!!   Chicken curry for tea tonight with the youngest son - he loves his food!   My daughter is now very pregnant 29 weeks and a lovely bump and the young man is kicking well  - she looks really happy - which is great.

Rob has ordered some new clamps and a new saw for his workshop and has made the most gorgeous small box - I shall take a photo and show you - he is magic at woodwork and has been making legs for a table for my sister for a piece of indian marble she bought home last year.  We are taking the legs down to her this weekend and will see the finished table - I am certain it will look spectacular.

Right well now I have bored you all to tears with life in our household I am off to sew and finished my wallhanging.