Thursday, 15 March 2012

Well I promised I would show you some of the work at our Workshop on Saturday at Art and Stitch for a Scrappy hasppy Quilt - look what fun all these different blocks are.  I have taken some more photos but for some reason today, Blogger is not uploading them all.  Sounds like an excuse but honestly it is not.
This one is mine, I have now wadded and quilted it to make into a cushion.
 This was Gill's lovely and delicate.
This was Sally's - she only joined us at lunch time as work got in the way in the morning!
These are Julie's and that was so good - her car turned up and I said with surprise what are you doing here?  Here for hexagon boxes she said - oh no you are not that is next week I said.  So she stayed with us and did an impromptu course and it was lovely to have her with us.
Well I have managed to upload a few more photos - aren't they all beautiful.  It was a lovely workshop and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

It is great to see all the blocks come together.  Ineka is making a full size quilt and I shall endeavour to get her photo up on the blog as well.  Yeh I did it this photo is Ineka's - she was not sure about random buy aren't they lovely colours.

Right best go and see if i can do some work - there is a hive of activity going on behind me so i had better show willing.


  1. These Scrappy Happy quilts certainly do make you happy with their fabulous colours. Wish I'd been there myself.

  2. These blocks are lovely, very cheerful. I must make one of these.