Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Well some creativity and a finished item yeh how fabulous is that!!! I went and did a workshop with a Linda Simpson at the Orton Quilters on Saturday and we made table runners - oh they are so lovely and effective. This is mine that I made on Saturday and then the other photo is of the other ladies - we had a great day and were so pleased with out results.

So on Monday I made another one! It is Rob's Mum's 83rd birthday this weekend and so I have made her a table runner. She asked me to do one for her and I have finally gotten around to it. So two finished runners how good is that I am feeling very pleased with them.

Sunday we went over to St Ives to the cromwell Quilters Exhibition - it was superb - the location is lovely and the quilts were fabulous - we spent a nice afternoon leisurely looking at the quilts and meeting so many lovely people as well. I took lots of photos but here are just a couple .

I couldn't resist this saying - there were lots and lots of them scattered around but this one appealled to me. I have sent it to the kids - Paul's response has been he is not sure about being 'Blessed' - how rude!!

Then I couldn't resist this poor little thing eating and sleeping is exhausting!! Obviously needs a better home!!!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Quilters Guild region 9 have been lucky enough to have
Jacquie Harvey design a Block of the month for the Guild as a whole. There is just a small one off payment for Guild members £10.00 and for non-members £20.00. The blocks will be e mailed to us. Anyone interested in hearing further details contact me at Art and Stitch as I have the application forms.

Well I had to show you our naughty little cat - she is such a minx and her new favorite spot is sitting on top of the aquarium - she knows she is naughty but hey ho spoilt little thing!!
She hangs her head over the side and looks at the fish and thinks meals on wheels I think!!

Well we had a fabric delivery this week and I could not resist them - I bought some on Tuesday and then today there was only a little left on the last bolt which I had not purchased so it has fallen into my bag - how yummy are they!!

I am not sure what I am going to make but I am certain there will be some inspiration in due course. Although I have given myself a good talking to this week and said I have to finish some of the unfinished projects - anyone seen that flock of pink pigs flying overhead!! I have my Radient Star and Wacky Stars that I put together at Debden to wad up, a baby quilt to finish, my blue batik quilt I put together ages and ages ago and a square in square to finish - oh then there is the half square triangle one - oh unfinished table mats - well should keep me busy for a while I think!!!!

As and when I finish the projects I shall put them on my blog - oh my gorgeous Twisted Turning Twenty and I so want to finish that - may do that first.

Watch this space - anyone know how I can find extra hours for the day!!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Look at me I am all ready to go to work Mummy!!

So glad you have filled this with nice soft bits and pieces so I can have a sleep in it.

The little minx gets into the sewing room and this bag is on the very top shelf so she climbed up and sat in the bag - I hadn't realised she was there until when I was sewing and a head popped over the top of the bag - as much as to say how dare you disturb me!!!

Well I am busy making pin cushions for the tombola at St Ives - using up lots of bits and pieces of fabric and keeping me quiet in the evenings.

Now I just had to show you my Boys - aren't they all three bobby dazzlers!!

The youngest turned up yesterday for his tea, took home a tupperware box of chocolate chip cookies, half a quiche, oh and Mum whilst I raid your cupboards please can you repair my trousers!!!! What else are Mum's for!!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Well it has been a lovely week lots of things going on - today we have a full workshop with Anne in the shop - they are all working very hard - So hopefully lots of nice things to look at, at the end of the day

I decided to try my sketchbook again, as I was sort of half hearted before and I did not like my first attempt - so here is
a second attempt - I actually like this flower

I shall wait until Angela returns from Wales then she can direct me further on my rather poor attempts but at least it is taking me out of my comfort zone and made me think

about trying!!!

Well I had to show you these Rob loves woodwork and now we are settled in our new home we have been able to have a bespoke workshop put up and he has bought all his tools, the names of which elude me - but saws, mitre cutters, planer/thicknessers,routers, biscuit cutters and so on - but here is the magazine rack he is working on isn't it great. Coffee table for the lounge next. Oh he has made me a lightbox I am so pleased with that.

I had to put these on - we went to Wimpole Hall on Bank Holiday Monday with friends and their puppy - and I thought these poppies were absolutely gorgeous.