Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I know two posts on one morning, but Angela's Dad just took these photos of the shop - how great are they. We have had loads of new shelves to put all the new materials on. We had a delivery of William Morris last week and they are fabulous - have made a great bag out of a jelly roll!!!

But how good does the shop look . Oh by the bye Neil said we had to tidy our desks and we have they look soooooo bare!!!!!

Well the fishes are all settled in their new habitat - living plants not plastic and we had no tragedies even Gordon the most elusive fish in the world was found and transferred and has found himself a home under the log. Oh we have lost one assassin snail so have to go and buy another one.

So now life can go back to normal and I can get on with the serious business of cooking and quilting. Oh this morning I had to do the ironing but that is the first time for a year as Rob normally does all of that for me. The only time i touch the iron is to press seams on quilts!!!!!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Angela was trimming the top of her Friendship Braid quilt which has made extra large so there was no alternative but to sit on the table! Thank goodness for all the space we have at Art & Stitch.

Here is the quilt top I put together at the Debden Summer School, it is soo lovely and now it is bordered I am so chuffed with it. Just got to get it quilted but am going to use the Bamboo wadding I am really keen to try that.

This is our aquarium at home and the poor unsuspecting inhabitants are about to be relocated to the creme de la creme of new aquariums - I might move in with them! They are having every kind of added extra you can buy, what more than water and food do fish need,but no they are having special water; co2 gas cylinder to oxygenate the water, daylight bulbs oh and more still it will look great I am sure and they had better enjoy it - but the food is now being stored inthe freezer and I have to remember not to cook bloodworm when preparing our meals!!!!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

We went to London for the weekend and it was fabulous weather - we went to Ham House on the River Thames on Saturday and the river was a total hive of activity with boats, canoes, rowing groups and people picnicing on the river bank it was so lovely to see

Then Sunday we went to Kew Gardens, and again the weather was fantastic - we went on the treetop walk, round the Palm House and the Lily Pond House and we had our own picnic under the trees
Kew is such a great place to go and so many different things to see

The picture above is the oldest pot plant known it came to Kew Gardens in the 1700's and is still going strong.
Just look at the size of the lily pads and flowers how wonderful.

Monday we had a fabulous day at work learning how to do scrappy quilts - will photo and show later - I have so many unfinished projects help!!!!
Monday night Christmas came early to Peterborough and we had an open evening which was fabulous and I wanted to buy all the fabric.
Today we have had loads n loads of William Morris fabrics arrive which are soooo lovely we have run out of shelves now to put all the fabric on.
Well best go and do some work and show willing.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Hi well I am back from a fabulous four days at Debden House Summer School, which as always was great fun - did do lots of sewing as well as talking!!
Weather was really kind and we were able to sit out to hand sew and have walks round the grounds which are lovely.
I put together a quilt top (no photo yet) will take one and post later and table mats which are really looking good.
Photos of outside of Debden House really nice. Looking forward to Christmas