Saturday, 15 August 2009

Angela was trimming the top of her Friendship Braid quilt which has made extra large so there was no alternative but to sit on the table! Thank goodness for all the space we have at Art & Stitch.

Here is the quilt top I put together at the Debden Summer School, it is soo lovely and now it is bordered I am so chuffed with it. Just got to get it quilted but am going to use the Bamboo wadding I am really keen to try that.

This is our aquarium at home and the poor unsuspecting inhabitants are about to be relocated to the creme de la creme of new aquariums - I might move in with them! They are having every kind of added extra you can buy, what more than water and food do fish need,but no they are having special water; co2 gas cylinder to oxygenate the water, daylight bulbs oh and more still it will look great I am sure and they had better enjoy it - but the food is now being stored inthe freezer and I have to remember not to cook bloodworm when preparing our meals!!!!!


  1. I keep telling you that cooking is bad for you.

  2. Should I be laughing at the sight of Angela crawling around on the table? Lovely quilt... and very spoiled fish.