Wednesday, 12 August 2009

We went to London for the weekend and it was fabulous weather - we went to Ham House on the River Thames on Saturday and the river was a total hive of activity with boats, canoes, rowing groups and people picnicing on the river bank it was so lovely to see

Then Sunday we went to Kew Gardens, and again the weather was fantastic - we went on the treetop walk, round the Palm House and the Lily Pond House and we had our own picnic under the trees
Kew is such a great place to go and so many different things to see

The picture above is the oldest pot plant known it came to Kew Gardens in the 1700's and is still going strong.
Just look at the size of the lily pads and flowers how wonderful.

Monday we had a fabulous day at work learning how to do scrappy quilts - will photo and show later - I have so many unfinished projects help!!!!
Monday night Christmas came early to Peterborough and we had an open evening which was fabulous and I wanted to buy all the fabric.
Today we have had loads n loads of William Morris fabrics arrive which are soooo lovely we have run out of shelves now to put all the fabric on.
Well best go and do some work and show willing.

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