Friday, 13 December 2013

 A wonderful weekend at Debden House in Loughton again for Anne Stacey's quilting Christmas weekend.  We had a really great time and did lots of chatting laughing, too much food and all in all a good time was had by one and all.

I was putting this together, I had started the cutting out last year and it has reposed in my sewing room all this time, so I finished putting it together and did all the satin stitch which took me ages and then got it all put together, it is now backed and wadded and awaiting quilting

Hilary  wanted to finish putting her Bathing Belles together that she had started with Anne earlier in the year and then she got into the festive mood and made this log cabin table topper - it looks lovely and she is busy quilting it.

Josie had bought this kit at the NEC and wanted to get it put together asap.
A few ladies were making stain glass windows and here are a couple of them in different versions.

Don't they look great and the Father Christmas is definitely in charge.

This foundation pieced table runner is really effective and looks really good with the mitred corners.

Delyth amongst other things was making a Fenland landscape with the electric windmills - she had dyed her own skyline fabric it was looking superb.

We had many other little projects to try and I made these two little Christmas tree decorations which are now hanging on my daughter's tree.
 The weather was lovely and we went for a great walk up the back and onto the golf course it was lovely to get some fresh air and the view was beautiful.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

December wow

 We went to Anglesey Abbey for the Lights festival last Sunday - it was an absolutely fabulous evening.We were extremely lucky with the weather - it was a cold night but dry and no wind whatsoever perfectly still so it was perfect conditions.  
Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust property just outside of Cambridge off the A14 - the light festival is brilliant - although I believe it is totally sold out for this year.
This is the silver birch grove - they are apparently Himalayan Silver Birches and they had the lights changing colours it was fantastic.

Down by the river and the Mill the reflection of the trees into the water was great - again we were so lucky as the water was totally still and the reflection perfect.

My sister and Rob waiting for me to stop taking photos!!  There was mulled wine, hot food, entertainment all the way round and oh the hot chestnuts were gorgeous.

We had a lovely evening out and now look forward to going back there in the New Year to see the snowdrops.

The rest of the weekend was lovely having my sister to stay - and catching up on her latest trip and then seeing Leo and Caroline.  Then yesterday we went Christmas shopping and got just about sorted now just have to get them all packed up

Friday, 29 November 2013

Yet another busy Week

 The week has literally flown by but it has been a lovely week - we had these scarf "wool" come in used loosely as it is actually a lacy fabric - anyway had to make one up - it was so quick and easy to do and looks really lovely.

We decided at Art and Stitch that we needed a Christmas Table Runner so I set to at the weekend and made this - I had he usual amount of help from Poppy who really feels that anytime I am in the sewing room she is entitled to be there and any surface is her domain!!
 Anyway it was great fun to make - I always like Log Cabin and this is no exception so here is the finished article it looks lovely and it has been promised to Caroline for her table on Christmas Day.
Caroline has been teaching herself to crochet and this is her latest little fellow isn't he soo cute.
 I just kept looking at this Advent Calendar panel and in the end persuaded Angela we needed one up on display in the shop - isn't it lovely it was great to make and looks really good.

So as you can see it has been a lovely week  as usual - It is nice to see things finished and I do enjoy sewing.  I am going to go back to my campaign of completing unfinished items in the New Year - and hopefully I shall keep to this and get some of my UFO's sorted.   The only trouble is I see so many new things I want to try and am like a butterfly.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Finished bits and bobs and a fabulous family meal

Well I had intended these photos to go on blogger in a different order but me being me managed to get them on in this sequence.  I had intended  the blog to start with some little bits and pieces that I have been making and finished for the festive season.  Then to lead onto the family Sunday meal - but as you can see the photos have managed to reverse themselves!!

So we start with Leo modelling his Postman Pat jumper - he prefers to look at it and keep pointing to Jesse rather than wear it - typical - but he does love it and looks gorgeous in it.
We run to a good size family when we are altogether - and it is lovely to have them all round chatting and laughing and quite alot of eating!
 Leo decided half way through that Nanny's dinner looked very interesting so came to join me he had devoured his parnsnips - his Mum's parsnips then had mine - cheeky thing.
So now we come onto the finished projects - I just loved the chunky ultra wool we had in so had to make this jacket and felt that our Liz was the suitable candidate for it - she says it is lovely and warm and it is nice to see her wearing it.
 We made these little gift bags at our Art and Stitch Christmas Club - aren't they just gorgeous
 As I have been saying all year - I have been endeavouring to finish some of my UFO's and these two Christmas Stockings are now finished and look lovely
 Again this picture was an Art and Stitch Christmas Club project so I got this finished -as well - honestly I have to stop making Christmas items or we will be absolutely entrenched.
So that is all for now - I am busy knitting again and will show you the little jackets I am making with the Galaxy Glittery wool.   But oh we have some new wool in today and I think I may just have to induldge!!

Working here is just too tempting!!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Keeping Busy

 I have been keeping myself out of mischief since I last blogged, which I know was absolutely ages ago - I blame facebook as I use that so much and all our Art and Stitch news goes on our Art and Stitch facebook page - but I do know that some of you still look at our blogs, so thank you for persevering with me.

The above photo is for my gorgeous grandson Leo he adores Postman Pat so now has a jumper with Pat and Jesse on.  Actually I made this jumper using the exact same pattern for my eldest son many moons ago - well Paul is 32 so just a few yeas back!  Anyway I got another copy off good old Ebay and here is the finished pattern.  hopefully he will love wearing it.
 Poppy and I did some sewing at the weekend for a lass that works with Rob and I had made her a quilt and she wanted some cushions to go on the bed so here are the finished items,  poppy was her normal helpful self  but I have learnt to just carry on she doesn't go away!!

 The finished cushions looked lovely and Carly was really pleased with them.

Well Monday's I normally spend with Caroline & Leo - last week we had a full family day with Rob & Nic as well in Hunstanton which was absolutely superb with a trip to Sealife and oh did Leo adore the fish, they were all just at his height and so much to see.

This week I took him leaf kicking, he looked at me as though I was loopy to start with then decided it could be fun and off we went, ooh we were very muddy when we got home and had had such fun
 So after wearing each other out we flopped on their new settee to watch Postman Pat of course and have a cuddle up - it was lovely.
 Then we played in their conservatory and there on the back of the settee is one of my favourite quilts.  I made this - ooh it must be eight years ago and Caroline being Caroline snaffled it to her flat at the time onto her settee - I didn't get a look in!  Well it has been washed, used snuggled under and is still going strong - now on the settee in their conservatory and I have to say it still looks good and I still think it is one of my favourites.

Well I shall endeavour not to leave blogging so long in between - hope all that read this are keeping fit and well.

Friday, 11 October 2013

 We took ourselves off for a few days to The Houses of Hampshire with a National Trust Tour  and we were soo lucky with the weather it was superb - the Houses were great - this little sewing machine was in Basildon Park just outside of Reading - it is a superb house beautifully maintained and kept.  For some reason known only to Blogger the next photo is upside down!  it is not on my picture file but it arrives her as upside down.  These patterns were also in Basildon Park - The house was owned in the 1950's by a rather wealthy family and alot of the house is all kitted out in the 1950's.  I thought these patterns were lovely.
The kitchen was also all 1950's and we felt our age when we were explaining to a group of youngsters how to use the various tools and gadgets that we had grown up with and they had never seen!!!
I cannot remember which house these delightful mushrooms were growing at - I think it might well have been at The Vyne near Basingstoke.  They just took my eye. 

These tiles are in a summer house now at The Vyne and date back to Roman  times, I think that is what they said.
The photo below are in the most beautiful chapel at The Vyne and these were definitely Tudor and were rescued in Victorian times by the then owner who put them in the Chapel. 
We had a lovely few days and it has set us up for the winter - now need to do some gardening and lots and lots of sewing and knitting.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


 I had a move round with some of my quilts and decided that my Twisted Turning Twenty that I made last year and did actually put in the NEC in 2012 - and got some lovely comments about it - which was nice.  Well Rob and I felt it was a waste to be folded up so it is now on the back bed and cried out for some cushions to go with it.  So using the Crazy Quilt template I bought sometime ago I have made a cushion using the scraps that were left..  I made two and am really pleased with them
 On the bed together they look lovely - now I feel a wall hanging to match is required!!  Oh we have to buy new curtains as they do not match the quilt - whoops!!
 Poppy was in extremely helpful mood whilst I was quilting them and here she is being more of a hindrance than a help!
 Rob and I took young Leo to Ferry Meadows and he had a lovely time, we took his new ball and he laughed and laughed whilst we paid with him.   There are some lovely wood carvings in Ferry Meadows and this family of ducks really appealled to Leo he was absolutely fascinated.
I am busy knitting Rob an Aran jumper and have finished the main knitting so have to join shoulder seams and knit the collar - will post a photo when it is finished.

Well am going to do some quilting now - have a quilt wadded and ready to go so must get started.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Enjoying my time at home

 Enjoying my time at now I am semi-retired.   As you probabylk all know I have reduced my hours and have four wonderful days at home now so that i can get on and do more and spend time with my family.
It is proving really enjoyable.   At the beginning of the month we went to The Forest of Dean with my Sister and had a fabulous five day break - in an area that I do not recall really visiting previously  - we were so lucky with the weather and had glorious weather - just before this chilly spell started.

Well now we are back home and the weather is chilly, we have had a new boiler fitted and that is lovely, a combi boiler with lots of instant water and should be much more energy efficient than the 28 year old boiler it has replaced.   We decided that it would be best to change before the old one broke down and we were left in the middle of winter with no hot water or heating.

Having time at home has given me the space to make a few bits and pieces, we have Christmas Club once at month at Art and Stitch so I made this star for this month's group to make and it does look very pretty.  Shall put in my Dining Room at Christmas.

Now with no longer working Saturday's I booked myself on a course  - yeh - it was the most wonderful course - I have never done felting - to be honest it has not appealed to me very much but the scenes our tutor had done were so good I just had to have a go.
Here is my beach scene, I loved the whole course and really enjoyed making this scene - I shall most certainly do some more.  We have the tutor back at the beginning of October doing a Poppy Picture which looks lovely, but I am away on a National Trust trip to the Houses of Hampshire so shall miss that one.

 With the chilly days our cat Poppy has decided that she likes the indoors more than out now and the quilt over Rob's chair has become her favorite spot at the moment - she can be found curled up snoring and obviously dreaming
My Sister is going away in November and requested a new bag suitable to carry her kindle, passport etc. etc.  She wanted two sections so one could keep everything neatly tucked away in and one to use for purse etc. - so here is her bag made to the size she requested  with zips, it has a clip inside for her keys the handle is the right length to go over her shoulder - I love it but it is not mine!!!

I spent Tuesday morning at Tumble Tots oh what fun - Leo who is sixteen months tomorrow - absolutely loves it - it is helping his co-ordination amazingly and getting him used to being with other children. 
Well I hope that all that do read my blog will forgive me for my tardiness in updating but time seems to fly even though I am supposed to have more time on my hands!!  Fingers crossed we are going to get a nice sunny Autumn and a bit warmer.  Till next time.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where has August gone to?

I really cannot credit that we are almost at the end of August - where oh where has this  month flown to.
I started the month by partially retiring and had such plans to get so much done - and I guess in truth I haven't done too badly at all.
It has been a lovely month weather wise, and Rob and I have been busy out in the garden endeavouring to keep the weeds at bay.

Anyway creativity, I have managed to finish a couple of quilts and I am rather chuffed with this lovely little bag I made for myself, it is just the right size and soo useful and with the central phone pocket, has made Rob's day as he could get to the phone when it rang the other day and I was driving without having to delve into the depths of the bag and then miss the call - so he was  well pleased.

When Rob and I went to the Spalding Quilt show we got some fat eights in these gorgeous Kath Fassette fabrics and I have with the help of fabric from Art and Stitch turned it into a disappearing NinePatch.  I quilted it with my wavy ruler and now it is finished.  This is Rob's quilt he fell for the colours and this will be on his armchair for him to snuggle up in on a chilly day.

So now we are looking forward to our first wedding anniversary next week - where oh where has that year gone to- then September I am going to endeavour to finish at least one more of my unfinished projects - yet hopefully look for something new to do.

Actually, I am on the felting course at Art and Stitch on Saurday for the Felted Beach scene - I have never done felting before - but now I am semi-retired I have the time to do the courses - oh how lovely  - I am looking forward to my day.  Barbara's Daughter Sam is doing the course with me so we shall have lots of fun and learn a new technique how great.

Hopefully something to blog about very soon!