Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Keeping Busy

 I have been keeping myself out of mischief since I last blogged, which I know was absolutely ages ago - I blame facebook as I use that so much and all our Art and Stitch news goes on our Art and Stitch facebook page - but I do know that some of you still look at our blogs, so thank you for persevering with me.

The above photo is for my gorgeous grandson Leo he adores Postman Pat so now has a jumper with Pat and Jesse on.  Actually I made this jumper using the exact same pattern for my eldest son many moons ago - well Paul is 32 so just a few yeas back!  Anyway I got another copy off good old Ebay and here is the finished pattern.  hopefully he will love wearing it.
 Poppy and I did some sewing at the weekend for a lass that works with Rob and I had made her a quilt and she wanted some cushions to go on the bed so here are the finished items,  poppy was her normal helpful self  but I have learnt to just carry on she doesn't go away!!

 The finished cushions looked lovely and Carly was really pleased with them.

Well Monday's I normally spend with Caroline & Leo - last week we had a full family day with Rob & Nic as well in Hunstanton which was absolutely superb with a trip to Sealife and oh did Leo adore the fish, they were all just at his height and so much to see.

This week I took him leaf kicking, he looked at me as though I was loopy to start with then decided it could be fun and off we went, ooh we were very muddy when we got home and had had such fun
 So after wearing each other out we flopped on their new settee to watch Postman Pat of course and have a cuddle up - it was lovely.
 Then we played in their conservatory and there on the back of the settee is one of my favourite quilts.  I made this - ooh it must be eight years ago and Caroline being Caroline snaffled it to her flat at the time onto her settee - I didn't get a look in!  Well it has been washed, used snuggled under and is still going strong - now on the settee in their conservatory and I have to say it still looks good and I still think it is one of my favourites.

Well I shall endeavour not to leave blogging so long in between - hope all that read this are keeping fit and well.

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  1. A lovely catch up Pam and I know what you mean about Facebook.. It's quite an effort to blog these days but it's still a great way to keep a record of all those special moments.