Friday, 11 October 2013

 We took ourselves off for a few days to The Houses of Hampshire with a National Trust Tour  and we were soo lucky with the weather it was superb - the Houses were great - this little sewing machine was in Basildon Park just outside of Reading - it is a superb house beautifully maintained and kept.  For some reason known only to Blogger the next photo is upside down!  it is not on my picture file but it arrives her as upside down.  These patterns were also in Basildon Park - The house was owned in the 1950's by a rather wealthy family and alot of the house is all kitted out in the 1950's.  I thought these patterns were lovely.
The kitchen was also all 1950's and we felt our age when we were explaining to a group of youngsters how to use the various tools and gadgets that we had grown up with and they had never seen!!!
I cannot remember which house these delightful mushrooms were growing at - I think it might well have been at The Vyne near Basingstoke.  They just took my eye. 

These tiles are in a summer house now at The Vyne and date back to Roman  times, I think that is what they said.
The photo below are in the most beautiful chapel at The Vyne and these were definitely Tudor and were rescued in Victorian times by the then owner who put them in the Chapel. 
We had a lovely few days and it has set us up for the winter - now need to do some gardening and lots and lots of sewing and knitting.

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