Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Unfinished items contd.

Well my New Year's Resolution is continuing and I have finished this table runner that I started so enthusiastically and then did not finish - but I am very very pleased with it.

I really like my leaves that I have quilted in the centre.
This is the next unfinished item - I started this beautiful quilt some considerable time ago, it was pieced backed and wadded and then inspiration for quilting failed me!!  Anyway I have now got it quilted and the binding on so only need to stitch the binding on.  As you can see Poppy was insisting on assisting me again by joining me on the table and insisting on sittinting on the quilt and making life very awkward.  Everytime I moved it she complained bitterly.

Well Monday's I try to spend with Caroline and Leo as much as possible - poor Caroline!!
We had a great day and took Leo to Ferry Meadows - it was chilly and windy but he loves being out in his buggy and looking around.
We took him to the swing park and this was his first adventure in a swing he soon got the hang of it and kicked his legs and squealled quite loudly. Afterwards a lovely hug for Mummy as she took him out

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Well I am once again being somewhat tardy in blogging - I can try this as an excuse I could not upload photos and had to ask Angela's husband Neil to change the programmes to Google Chrome and add something called Picasso so that I could upload - abit of a pfaff but thank goodness for Neil he has done it for me.  I did sort of throw my rattle out the pram and said I couldn't be bothered but then common sense (do I have any) prevailed!!

Well as the weather has been so inclement I have turned into a hermit and stayed indoors and taken the opportunity to  keep my new year resolution.  I vowed I would try to finish some UFO's  - I have just got to finish quilting two and then that will be two items out of the way yeh.  I have actually totally completed one which is a table runner - but have not taken any photos of it - will do so.

Poppy is not enjoying this cold weather and has become abit of a hermit as well.  She seems to love me doing some sewing and manifests from absolutely nowhere to sit on whatever I have decided to do.  She loves quilts to snuggle on.  But on Sunday she had to make do with my foundation piecing - and as I was trying to lay it out to make sure it was going according to plan here she was plonking herself down with no thought for me!!
Anyway I managed to prevail and here is the top put together, it has since been wadded and is partly quilted and I have to say I am very pleased with it.  Rob and I bought the pattern and fabrics at the NEC a couple of years ago and time just ran away from me - I had traced the pattern out and cut strips and started one piece but that was as far as it had got.  So I was determined to finish it now
Having been evicted from my foundation piecing she then sought out my hexagons - they had been moved out of the sewing room whilst I was working and laid on the bed - it is a lovely comfy place to lie - polystyrene with paper and the hexagons held down with pins - makes sense to snuggle there!  Caroline popped over on Monday with young Leo who christined his new highchair that Rob and I had got for him - thought it was easiest to have one at our house rather than carting one around all over the place.   He is such great fun and then we had a great game of throwing toys off the tray for the cat to chase.

We had Christmas Club at Art and Stitch last week and I have started this folded place mat - it is looking lovely and I am determined to get it finished. 

At our Aston Quilters Group we have been making New York Beauty foundation piecing and I thought I would lay it all out to see how it was going - well guess who joined me she has an uncanny sense of interrupting me !  I am so pleased with this and have now joined all the blocks and just have to get some borders put on.