Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Unfinished items contd.

Well my New Year's Resolution is continuing and I have finished this table runner that I started so enthusiastically and then did not finish - but I am very very pleased with it.

I really like my leaves that I have quilted in the centre.
This is the next unfinished item - I started this beautiful quilt some considerable time ago, it was pieced backed and wadded and then inspiration for quilting failed me!!  Anyway I have now got it quilted and the binding on so only need to stitch the binding on.  As you can see Poppy was insisting on assisting me again by joining me on the table and insisting on sittinting on the quilt and making life very awkward.  Everytime I moved it she complained bitterly.

Well Monday's I try to spend with Caroline and Leo as much as possible - poor Caroline!!
We had a great day and took Leo to Ferry Meadows - it was chilly and windy but he loves being out in his buggy and looking around.
We took him to the swing park and this was his first adventure in a swing he soon got the hang of it and kicked his legs and squealled quite loudly. Afterwards a lovely hug for Mummy as she took him out


  1. Love that table runner Pam... and the quilt come to mention it!

  2. That blue is gorgeous! And the table runner graces your table beautifully. Well done for finishing it. How lovely to spend time with Leo and very exciting to discover the joys of a swing :-)

  3. The table runner is lovely I really like the leaves. Such a beautiful picture of Caroline and Leo.