Wednesday, 29 September 2010

We have just had a lovely two night stay in Blackpool. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel which was really lovely - good food etc. etc.

We were soo lucky as the weather was more than kind to us - Sunday when we arrived wasreally sunny and we went to the top of Blackpool Tower and the view was magnificant.

Then we went on the Pier - I adore Pier's I think they are just so English!

This picture was at Lytham which was a lovely little town with some super shops and we had the most gorgeous fish and chips!!

We had a tour of the lights on a tram on Monday night which was fabulous and we were in the Tram which was decorated as a Train it was lovely.

A view along the prom towards the Tower - I have to say I enjoyed Blackpool it is like a different world but was great fun and we enjoyed our trip soo much.
We went to Fleetwood and it was a strange town but oh the Wool shops they were everywhere and the market was superb - I got some lovely ribbons and really wish I had bought more.

Friday, 24 September 2010

A fabulous week of going out for days.

I have been away from blogging for too long - one because Rob and I had a week's annual leave and went out and about for days - which was really nice.

Then this week returning to work has been manic and the computer has been being sooo gay and not uploading my photos - I am blaming the computer not myself!!!

We went out and out the sewing machine is at the
Black Country Living Museum which was so wonderful. I took soo many pictures but will not bore you with all of them - though some may appear on later blogs for various reasons.
We went down a coalmine and am I glad I did not live in those days. The houses were fabulous though once again i would not want to do my washing using these items!!

Grimsthorpe Castle just north of Bourne - look at these super seedheads.
The castle itself was magnificant and we had lovely scones in the restaurant

The exterior of Grimsthorpe - the rooms were wonderful

Blenheim Palace, which was lovely but too geared to the American market I thought - though the grounds were lovely

So not much quilting or creativity been going on but am endeavouring to get back into it.
We also went for retail therapy at Meadow Hall, two pairs of shoes some tops etc. etc. it was a super day!! No material shops though!!!

Friday, 10 September 2010

It has been a very unproductive week - but very very busy in the shop so I guess that is why !!!
Angela and I for some silly reason have joined a Quilt Along on one of the blogs we follow and these are my fabrics, and the cut out strips and squares. The colours are lovely. The next step will be blogged about next week and we will start to make blocks - so watch this space.

Angela said I had to blog about my change of car - but not that exciting really! My daughter decided she wanted a grown up car as she had been driving a Kia ever since she left University she was on her second one! So off she went with Rob and came back with a beautiful Honda Civic 2.2 Deisel and I bought the Kia off her - now what does that say!!!! It is lovely to drive and I am pleased that I have got it. But apart from that life seems to be jogging along with nothing of particular interest and no finished items sewing wise!!! Oh I am now officially a pensioner and should start getting my oap in the near future - so I guess I can go and sort my bus pass as well - will have to make time for that!!!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

I am so pleased with this quilt I fell in love with the colours - they were so warm and autumny (is there such a word I wonder!) Anyway I have quilted it with wavy lines and then done a wavy edge border so I am sort of chuffed with it.

Yeh look at the linus quilt - it is coming along nicely now I have put the borders on - and decided to make smaller than the original pattern - so I now have had enough squares to make four this size and so am going to make into two quilts totally reversable - which should be quite nice. So all in all I am pleased that the original squares did not end up in the bin !! it is a good way of using up lots of oddments of fabrics - and fat quarters that you wonder why you bought!!!

I think I am tempted to quilt with wavy lines again!!

Now all I have to do is finish this and finish the other one - and then get the jelly roll quilt finished - I need more hours in my day!!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Well wow we are at the start of September, where has this year gone - am I imagining it or as I get older does the time go quicker! I also notice when I started this blog I have done 70 posts so shall have to start the grey matter churning for a giveaway at 100 - or I shall be in big trouble with Angela and Barbara!!!

Bank Holiday weekend was lovely - spent with family which was nice - we went to Sunday roast with Mark (my youngest) and Zoey his fiancee to meet her Mum and yeh the dinner was lovely with swede my favorite - no-one else seems to like but Joyce does and and rather alot of red wine - so all good. I had coffee and muffins with Caroline whilst doing the weekly shop and caught up on her news. Then my eldest came round for tea and cake and told all about their holiday so all good.

Then back to work and trying to finish projects

I started this quilt made with two jelly rolls at Debden in August, it is finally put together but needs backing and wadding.

Ages ago I decided to make some Linus quilts and cleared out my pile of fat quarters in the stash as I found a pattern using fat quarters called Pot Luck - didn't like the results looked horrid - so having found the dumped pile decided the time had come to do something - chucking was looking like a very good option!!! Anyway I am seperating the blocks with black sashing and now they look better - going to put a bright border on and then they may be saved!!!

Oh thought you might like to see our naughty cat - I was busy on the phone upstairs last night talking to my sister and Poppy decided she was just too exhausted to listen so she found a nice warm spot to rest her head - cheeky madam!!

We actually have two very tiny baby fish in the aquarium at present - but I suspect the big one's will find them very tasty - shame but that is the way these things go.

Well best go and get on and try and finish something - sometimes you just find that everything seems an effort and that appears to be me at present!!