Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Well wow we are at the start of September, where has this year gone - am I imagining it or as I get older does the time go quicker! I also notice when I started this blog I have done 70 posts so shall have to start the grey matter churning for a giveaway at 100 - or I shall be in big trouble with Angela and Barbara!!!

Bank Holiday weekend was lovely - spent with family which was nice - we went to Sunday roast with Mark (my youngest) and Zoey his fiancee to meet her Mum and yeh the dinner was lovely with swede my favorite - no-one else seems to like but Joyce does and and rather alot of red wine - so all good. I had coffee and muffins with Caroline whilst doing the weekly shop and caught up on her news. Then my eldest came round for tea and cake and told all about their holiday so all good.

Then back to work and trying to finish projects

I started this quilt made with two jelly rolls at Debden in August, it is finally put together but needs backing and wadding.

Ages ago I decided to make some Linus quilts and cleared out my pile of fat quarters in the stash as I found a pattern using fat quarters called Pot Luck - didn't like the results looked horrid - so having found the dumped pile decided the time had come to do something - chucking was looking like a very good option!!! Anyway I am seperating the blocks with black sashing and now they look better - going to put a bright border on and then they may be saved!!!

Oh thought you might like to see our naughty cat - I was busy on the phone upstairs last night talking to my sister and Poppy decided she was just too exhausted to listen so she found a nice warm spot to rest her head - cheeky madam!!

We actually have two very tiny baby fish in the aquarium at present - but I suspect the big one's will find them very tasty - shame but that is the way these things go.

Well best go and get on and try and finish something - sometimes you just find that everything seems an effort and that appears to be me at present!!


  1. Cute Poppy! I love your sparkling ex-linus quilt, it's so colourful. The jelly roll top is lovely too :)

  2. What a lovely Bank Holiday you had. Love the two jelly roll quilt, looking forward to making it, hope mine turns out as good. The linus quilt looks really good must try one myself.