Saturday, 27 April 2013


Well I thought I would update my blog - I know I am terribly erratic in keeping my blog up to date, I read others who are so regular that it makes me feel very quilty.  Anyway here I am - last weekend whilst watching the Chinese Grand prix I decided to teach myself to crochet - I had previously attempted it but with no success so above is my very first granny square - it was great fun - I have made another five since - which Angela tells me is nowhere near enough and that I should be doing two a night!!  I will do some more when I find time but for the time being I am so pleased that I managed  these, even though they are very basic but it is a start.

I made these lovely table mats for our  three little girls - they are such fun and lovely girls - I thought they would like their own placemats. 

Leo came to stay last weekend as Caroline was having a 30th birthday party - he is such a gem and he likes to pose for the camera.

Well I have been making yet another bag - they call me the bag lady so I guess I have to live up to my reputation.!!
 This is such a great holdall - will be lovely for taking on holiday later this year - or an overnight bag
 Oh just look at these yummy buttons - they have just come into Art and Stitch and I had to have five - Caroline was in the shop  at the time and was horrified at my extravagence  - but they were absolutely perfect .
I do love this bag this is the side view .

I am busy making a quilt at home for a young Lass that Rob works with - it is Cake Swap and the layer cake is Dogwood Trail - it is so pretty - just need a few more hours in a day at the moment. She is really looking forward to me getting it finished.

We have just had our frontage block paved and it is gorgeous - the young gentleman is my youngest son on the phone as always!!!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Garden fun - when Leo and Caroline came to visit on Monday he was taken out into the garden and we were showing him the fish in the pond - well splashing in the water was much more fun - he absolutley had a whale of a time - he was soaked to the skin and the fish retreated to the bottom of the pond with haste.  Caroline took a video and he is squealing his head off.

Well I have been busy - whilst trawling around the internet last week I came across a picture of a bag and it was gorgeous - so I decided to see if I could make something similiar to it- this is my attempt.

Mine is taller and narrower with larger prairie points - and multi coloured handles - obviously I do not know what the other one was like inside but they had a loop and button on the outside, but I have fitted pockets, one large enough for my kindle - need that on holiday!!  Two smaller pockets so one for the phone and have put in a zip to keep everything safe inside.  I have made the multi coloured sections on the outside into pockets as well - so it is going to be a fabulous holiday bag and I am very very pleased with it.  Barbara has already tried to take it home!!

Now I have started another large holdall - so hopefully that will go well.  I also have started a quilt at home for one of Rob's work colleaques so keeping busy  yeh!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

For some unknown reason Facebook is not allowing me to upload any photos today and I had promised some of our ladies a picture of the bag they will be able to make next Wednesday at my bag Course  at Art and Stitch.   So here it is - it is lovely a great size, nice pocket inside and really easy to do.
So come along the more the merrier!!
Just had to show you these - we have these strips of fabric in the shop and so I had to play - aren't they gorgeous such fun - Guess these just may have to go to young Leo!!!