Friday, 19 April 2013

Garden fun - when Leo and Caroline came to visit on Monday he was taken out into the garden and we were showing him the fish in the pond - well splashing in the water was much more fun - he absolutley had a whale of a time - he was soaked to the skin and the fish retreated to the bottom of the pond with haste.  Caroline took a video and he is squealing his head off.

Well I have been busy - whilst trawling around the internet last week I came across a picture of a bag and it was gorgeous - so I decided to see if I could make something similiar to it- this is my attempt.

Mine is taller and narrower with larger prairie points - and multi coloured handles - obviously I do not know what the other one was like inside but they had a loop and button on the outside, but I have fitted pockets, one large enough for my kindle - need that on holiday!!  Two smaller pockets so one for the phone and have put in a zip to keep everything safe inside.  I have made the multi coloured sections on the outside into pockets as well - so it is going to be a fabulous holiday bag and I am very very pleased with it.  Barbara has already tried to take it home!!

Now I have started another large holdall - so hopefully that will go well.  I also have started a quilt at home for one of Rob's work colleaques so keeping busy  yeh!!


  1. Leo looks very happy playing in the water. The bag is very nice lovely and colourful.

  2. Love the bag and what a happy chappie Leo looks, simple fun is often the best lol