Saturday, 28 April 2012

Well as is always my way - my blog is like feast or famine - so here is another blog quickly following on from the last one.

Well as you can see I have been being very very busy ready for the forthcoming grandson.  Caroline & Nic want the nursery to be Hungry Caterpillar - so I have made two quilts for them - they are so bright and colourful.  This is just one of them
And I could not resist this lovely cuddly teddy panel, and I have backed it with Minkie which is soooo soft and cuddly.
I quilted around the outline of the teddy which you can probably just see - this is a snuggly quilt for him.
I have also made another attic window quilt for him, but the photo I took was blurred so will have to get Gemma to hold it up again for me.

I shall endeavour to put photos of the other two quilts on next week.

Friday, 27 April 2012

 Well I have done it yet again and not updated my blog for several weeks - We have been extremely busy and been having lots and lots of classes and lots of lovely people in the shop.
We had a course called Charming Corners a couple of weeks back and these are the ladies tops, there were a couple of others but in my normal fashion I did not take photos of every quilt - failure you all cry!!!
 Aren't they all just delicious - these two ladies have not done much patchwork at all before so were well pleased with their quilt tops.
We then had a log cabin day - which I adore as you probably know by now!  And I finished these two cushions to go on our bed to match my quilt I made about two years ago.  These things do take time!!
 Poppy as always has to creep into the photo she was determined to stay put as ever.
Well I am fed up with the rain - but very excited as I am soon to be a Nana - yeh it is fairly soon - I have been busy making quilts and will get some photos published asap.  The little demon is due at the end of May but he is breech and so it could be earlier they do not like to leave them these days.  So more news at a later stage.

Take care have a great weekend everyone even tho it sounds like it is going to be very very wet.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Well it was a lovely Easter - although the weather could have been kinder to us - but as a family we all had a good time.  Poppy is here helping me choose which cleaning tools I require from the kitchen cupboard.  She was so helpful - I washed the kitchen floor, she went out into the garden and came back with muddy paws - all over the floor - lovely cat!!

My Sister came to stay so we went over to Wisbech and Peckover House on Sunday, although it was a grey day, we had a lovely time.  - it is a lovely house and the gardens are brilliant at each different season.
In one of the bedrooms they had this beautiful tumbling block quilt tucked into a drawer in the wardrobe - it has a beautiful red velvet border.
Well My Sister has been cleaning out cupboards and found this piece of crochet that she started many many years ago - it is beautiful - though the threads have discoloured - I hope that it will wash nicely for her.  Anyway she is determined to finish it - but Poppy had totally different ideas and sat on the mat!
Okay I have done it again and managed to upload a photograph twice ! How do I manage to do it.  I darenot try to delete as knowing me I will loose them all.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Just a quick post to wish everyone who reads my Blog a very Happy Easter.  Shame the weather has gone so chilly, but I hope it doesn't stop us doing what we want to do.

I am lucky in that my sister is coming to stay, and we are being descended upon for lunch on Monday  so should be a nice few days.

Well I  have been trying to keep out of mischief this week and have knitted this little top and beanie hat, for the Fish and Chip Babies in Africa.  Anne Stacey is co-ordinating this and knows a lady who is sending them out to Africa.  They are so cute and easy to make.  Dawn is half way through one.
Apparently an awful lot of babies are born and their parents have nothing and they have been wrapped up in newspaper to send them home - hence the fish and chip reference. 
When I look at all the beautiful bits that my daughter is buying in readiness for her first child, it does actually make you feel a little humble to think these little babies, who did not ask to be born, have nothing at all.
So a big thank you to all our ladies that have taken the pattern and are going to do some little tops for us.
 Now still on the baby trend, we have just finished, and a big thank you to all our Aston Quilters ladies, 63 baby quilts for the premature Baby Unit at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge.   I rang the co-ordinator today and she was over the moon to be receiving these .
Now in actual fact we have spoken to a contact at the new Peterborough Maternity Unit and now that they have the special care unit, the quilts would be appreciated by them too.   So we have the pattern at Art and Stitch and if anyone of you kind ladies would like a copy please please can you help by putting some little quilts together for us.  They are extremely simple, they do not like much quilting as they like them to soft and cosy.   As most of you know this is one of our on going projects and now we have added the new hospital - as much help as possible would be appreciated.

Well I trust you all have a lovely Easter and look forward to receiving comments from you.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Just a quick blog as thought all you lovely ladies would like this!  Angela had a well earned day off yesterday and guess who jumped into her space asap and became The Boss for the day!!
Come back Angela all is forgiven!!