Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Well it was a lovely Easter - although the weather could have been kinder to us - but as a family we all had a good time.  Poppy is here helping me choose which cleaning tools I require from the kitchen cupboard.  She was so helpful - I washed the kitchen floor, she went out into the garden and came back with muddy paws - all over the floor - lovely cat!!

My Sister came to stay so we went over to Wisbech and Peckover House on Sunday, although it was a grey day, we had a lovely time.  - it is a lovely house and the gardens are brilliant at each different season.
In one of the bedrooms they had this beautiful tumbling block quilt tucked into a drawer in the wardrobe - it has a beautiful red velvet border.
Well My Sister has been cleaning out cupboards and found this piece of crochet that she started many many years ago - it is beautiful - though the threads have discoloured - I hope that it will wash nicely for her.  Anyway she is determined to finish it - but Poppy had totally different ideas and sat on the mat!
Okay I have done it again and managed to upload a photograph twice ! How do I manage to do it.  I darenot try to delete as knowing me I will loose them all.

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  1. You could always stick the cat in a bath! Peckover House is very nice, it's not that far away but I've only been once typical.