Monday, 23 June 2014

lovely June

Rob has been busy in his workshop which he loves, this little moneybox is for the neice of one of our friends.  The little picture in the front can be removed and changed as the children grow.
We have now finished with all the building work, and the house is now ours again!  Rob has made a new fire surround

I have been running a mystery quilt project with Aston Quilters, this is the last block.  They all look lovely and I am pleased with them just the sashing and pieced border to go.

We had some family fun in the garden on Saturday it was lovely to have nearly all the family together

Sunday, 8 June 2014

busy may

Mid may Rob had his sixtieth birthday, we were actually in Florence and then we had a birthday party with all the family .  We had a lovely time little Leo was a great help blowing out his candles on the lovely cake that Liz and Tom made for him.
His birthday treat was to feed the Lions at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne Hertfordshire

We are progressing on the house front and I now have my sewing room back, and as my thumb is getting better I am able to do some sewing.  Have made a jumbo pencil case in a lovely batik fabric,

Then yesterday I made this lovely purse and card holder again in some nice batik fabric.
Rob is busy making a new fire surround for the lounge and I have been assisting when required.  This morning I have made him a new phone case. 

So hopefully will get some more projects completed soon.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Well it has been nearly two months since my last blog and work on the house has progressed considerable. The kitchen is totally finished 

We went away on holiday for two weeks and left the builders to rip out the bathroom and downstairs cloakroom and also to replace some cracked ceilings.  It would not have been nice living here whilst this was all being done.
The new shower is fantastic
Today the new carpets are being fitted upstairs.

As a consequence not much sewing has been done recently, not helped by the fact I broke my thumb by shutting it in the car door, but it is now well on the mend and I intend to make up for lost time!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

lots going on

Well we are in total chaos at home! We have had all new Windows and doors fitted and they look absolutely superb. Now we are having a new kitchen! The old one was okay but past its sell by date, so it has gone and whilst doing this we have updated the electrics with a new consumer unit and better supply to Rob's workshop. The ceilings have been replastered walls tidied,ooh it will look fabulous when it is done.
Even in all the chaos poppy is finding comfortable places to sleep or just literally getting in inappropriate places!
I am not sure why that photo has come out so large whoops I am no good with technology!

Anyway I have managed some sewing and finished another UFO yeah!

Actually managed to change photo size wow!
I started this table topper last year and have finally got it finished. Am really pleased with it.

Christmas club is early in April due to Easter and we are making a little jewelry pouch so I had a trial run yesterday and am very happy with this little batik pouch.

Well all for now going to try and clear some of the dust although probably futile!
Then over to see Liz and Tom for the afternoon.

Actually Paul our eldest is in Belgium this weekend taking part in the Flanders Cycle Race, he loves cycling and regularly does sixty miles at a weekend. So I hope he has a great time.

Looking forward to Rhyme Time with Leo on Monday he is a treasure!  Then Mark is cooking for us on Wednesday with his lovely young lady Fran.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

happy days

I am busy making clam shells, they are so simple to make, time consuming but still fun. some of these are Easter gifts and I have got some creme eggs to go in them.  they have lots of different uses.yesterday was Christmas club and Angela showed us how to make these lovely pencil cases. I got three out of two fat quarters. I love this fabric so am keeping them all!
This quilt has been ongoing for about two years. I started, went wrong and put it away then decided it had to be finished so I did all the piecing and never got round to quilting. so this week I made a real effort and got it basted together and quilted. Even if I  say so myself it is lovely. so glad I finished it.
I am updating from my tablet and am not very good with it!  So I haven't put the last caption under the wrong photo!

Anyway hope you can understand it!

The last picture is nanny and Leo having great fun playing with his little toy car. Such simple fun.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I have been very dilatory with updates on my blog.but wanted to share a wonderful day at Anglesey Abbey today. The snowdrops have almost finished but the crocus, narcissi were beautiful. The weather was perfect and we met up with some really good friends.

Have been busy sewing as well, I just love Attic Windows and had fun making this wall hanging.
At home I am busy making an ABC quilt for Leo,here are some of the blocks.just got to finish another seven. Am going to do quilt as you go.

Friday, 14 February 2014

finishing more Quilt's

This is a lovely foundation pieced quilt which looks great. I shall be teaching this at the shop watch the programme!
I have been finishing my UFO items and this one is nearly done so feeling pleased with myself
Still got lots to finish but am determined to do so. Jus need more time to play in my sewing room!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Overdue blog

Well I have been very very remiss this year and have not updated my blog all year.  The excuse was that |I my lovely husband gave me a tablet for my Christmas present and I thought I would be clever and try to transfer all my details to the tablet and update from there!  Well best laid plans of mice and men - or I am a total PICNIC and did it wrong but I have got all my settings back to where they should be so here is an update of 2014 todate
 We had this lovely little book at the shop for using up small pieces of jelly rolls that were left over and this little bag is superb it is only approx 6" x 5" but lovely to make.
My Rob has been busy in his workshop since Christmas making this wonderful Art Deco box - I have refused point blank for him to even think about selling it and it is now on my dresser in the Dining Room. 
 I have really decided that I have to finish some of my UFO's and have started quite well this year - Poppy as always has been amazingly helpful !
 Here is the finishes quilt it looks really good even if I do say so myself.
This quilt looks fabulous - I started it about eight years ago wadded bound and hand quilted then didn't bind it - it was on our back bed in its unfinished state for some time and then got put in a box under the bed! Anyway I pulled it out made the binding and it is finished - I am soo pleased I made myself do it..
 I have finished all my knitting and so decided to play with some more hexagons as I had enjoyed making the Christmas Wreath and once again Poppy has been supervising as usual.
We are doing another mystery Quilt at our Aston Quilters Group and these are my first three blocks.  We have got eight to make and they are looking good.  Some of the blocks are quite challenging but I keep telling our ladies that it will be worth it in the end!  I think I might find some voodoo dolls with pins sticking out in my likeness before this is finished!
Well I hope that some folks will read this blog and do apologise to all that have followed me in the past will forgive me for being so tardy this year.