Monday, 2 June 2014

Well it has been nearly two months since my last blog and work on the house has progressed considerable. The kitchen is totally finished 

We went away on holiday for two weeks and left the builders to rip out the bathroom and downstairs cloakroom and also to replace some cracked ceilings.  It would not have been nice living here whilst this was all being done.
The new shower is fantastic
Today the new carpets are being fitted upstairs.

As a consequence not much sewing has been done recently, not helped by the fact I broke my thumb by shutting it in the car door, but it is now well on the mend and I intend to make up for lost time!


  1. That's the best idea! Leave the builders to it! Your kitchen and bathroom both look beautiful. I'm glad to hear your thumb is healing well, it must have been very painful.

    1. It was a silly thing to do and very painfuy. Hey ho well on the mend thanks