Thursday, 28 July 2011

Well I finished it yeh - all done and I am so pleased with it - I have entered this in the Festival of Quilts, so off it went by courier this week so I shall look forward to seeing it hung at the NEC.

I decided to be adventureous with my quilting and this is a snippet of it.

I had this out in the living room on monday when Caroline came in for her lunch - and she has decided that she just has to have it!!! She doesn't know where she is putting it but she is adament that it is now hers!!.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well here is the corner of my quilt that I am busy doing at the moment - this is a lovely colourful one and I am enjoying quilting it - will take some more pictures as it comes along.
So many ends to sew in though.

Well in case you all thought you had heard the last of the wedding - sorry you haven't!!
This is one of the cakes I made for them - they did not want one big wedding cake they wanted 'Mum's' Cakes made by Nic's Mum also a Pam and myself and they made cupcakes. It was a lovely selection and everyone enjoyed them.

Caroline and Nic wanted their day to be unsusual and different and fun and they had all this wedding memorabilia made and put on a table as everyone went into the venue - what fun!!

This is the bridal Suite at the Talbot Hotel in Oundle how lovely is that bed and the bath was an enormous roll top one.

I currently have the flowers that were on the mantle at the venue on my kitchen windowsill - they are soo lovely and colourful and keeping really well.

Okay so lastly proud Mum again these are my two baby boys dancing away together - don't they look lovely I am the luckiest Mum ever I think.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The proudest moment ever - walking my darling daughter up the aisle for her wedding day. The rain had stopped the sun had come out - the venue was beautiful. We had spent hours on the friday evening tying the bows on the chairs and putting seat covers on. The florist had done a fabulous job with the flowers and the bouquets were beautiful.

They were both quite nervous but they had written their own vows and well I do not think there was a dry eye in the venue - my youngest son was very emotional.

The Talbot at Oundle was a perfect venue the setting for photographs could not have been better - they make a lovely couple although I have to admit to being biased!!!

Rob and I - so proud so lovely

The whole theme for the wedding was colourful and the bridesmaids were in teal and purple with bright bouquets

The whole event ran so smoothly the Registrar was a lovely lady and put everyone at ease so smoothly - what a wonderful job seeing folks so happy!

Now back down to earth with a bang - they are away on Honeymoon in Rome and Sorrento and I suspect having a wonderful time - I do hope so.

Well I had planned to post last week with photos of the cakes I had made for the wedding, but I could blame blogger put suspect that as I was on the laptop at home I probably did something wrong and it did not upload. Still the Mums Cakes were superb and worth the effort. The camera with pictures is at home - I am not very organised.

Well lunch calls and some quilting. Will be back soon.