Thursday, 17 March 2011

Well there is lots to blog about at the moment - but the most momentous piece of news is that
on April 12th Art and Stitch will be moving into much much larger premises! Angela and Neil have secured a lease on Unit33 Aston Business Park - so same place just a different unit - yeh it is absolutely fantastic. it is so spacious and we shall have so much space for materials and everything else and workshop room and a quilting frame - oh it is so exciting!!! We cannot contain ourselves so please put in your diaries to come and see us on April 12th.

Right well general blogging - I am making a baby quilt for Rob's nephew and wife the baby is due on 21st April so here is the show so far - I adore this variation on nine patch it is so lovely. I had been wondering what to turn this fabulous fabric into then Val came into the shop with one done very similarly so i just had to copy- different colour scheme though!!!

Well Sunday Steph Angela and I went to Chilford had a fabulous day - food was good as always.
The quilts in the exhibition were lovely just a couple below.

Now at home we are busy setting up the new Marine Aquarium - this is a somewhat complicated business with the production of RO water which has all the impurities taken out and is pure, then it had to heated to the right temperature than salt added to the right salination - now yesterday we have purchased Live Rock which is somewhat expensive but I am assured absolutely wonderful - this has now been added to the aquarium and in five days when this has
settled in we can start to add cleaner shrimps and some corals - then come the fish at a later stage - so I shall blog again as it comes on.
Now I said it was going to be a long blog - here is the Aston Quilters Mystery Quilt - the centre is put together and I am so pleased with it. The Borders are going to look great as well.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Well time flies by these days - so it is once again ages since I updated my blog. We had a lovely workshop last saturday - nearly a week ago and I am only just showing you the ladies work - terrible! We were doing log cabin and here are some of the blocks that they put together - they all look so different in the variety of colours chosen.

Then I just had to share with you this little mischievious cat - we got the cold water fish tank set up on Sunday and introduced some new babies into it - and Poppy felt left out and wanted to see what they were doing. She now takes up residence in her favourite place on top of the tank!

She also loves sitting on the back bedroom windowsill watching the birds! We have treated ourselves to a bird table and it is lovely to see all the different birds visiting it - and Poppy just has to be there too!!

Well I have been keeping myself out of mischief in the evenings - I got some Katia Ondas wool in Austria and the pattern - and have been making scarves - they are for all the girls, Caroline, Ericha, Liz , Me, Angela & Sam - the colours are soo lovely I actually do not want to give them away! So I am now going to get some more wool and make some more!!!

I have to have something to do in the evenings I cannot just sit and do nothing - I fidget! So these are ideal.