Friday, 18 December 2009

Yeh Christmas is coming and these will not drop their red petals all over the table - Big thanks to Gina Ferrari for teaching me how to make flowers with Tyvek and these were my go it alone efforts. Think I used too thick a red paint as my machine is now pinky red hey ho the flowers are great!!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Day of Domesticity on Mon day it was great - first was the mince pies made to the Recipe for the most delicious pastry ever given to me by Rob's 81 year old Mum - she is a fantastic cook
These were destined for Aston Quilters on Tuesday night to accompany Angelas mulled juice.

Pork/Apple/Cider cooked in slow cooker - yummy - I think even Master Chef would have said well seasoned!!

Then came the finishing off of the Christmas Cake - good old Mary berry!! it has been made for a few weeks, fed regularly with brandy - I do not spoon I pour!! Now it is finished and roll on Christmas Day!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hey Christmas is coming - and we had this fabulous workshop on Saturday with Anne Stacey and the ladies made christmas baubles - wow were they all sooo good look at them they worked liked mad - then we all played Anne's Secret Santa game and it was absolutely a lovely day.

Made me realise I need to start thinking about making Christmas pressies and soon!!!!

This was lunchtime at the workshop and Sarah just had to have the biggest Turkey bap possible!

We had home made mulled fruit juice and mince pies as well.