Tuesday, 26 October 2010

We had a lovely family weekend - out with Rob's daughter Liz and her fiancee on Saturday and Mum for her 82nd birthday treat.

We went to Belton House nr Grantham which was lovely - Alistair has taken lots of photos but I have not got them yet. The weather was awful but the food was good there!!

Then Sunday we set off for London

Cannon Hill Common, Morden Surrey on 24th October 2010. It was my sister's 64th birthday so as a family we trooped down to have lunch with her - the sensible folks drove down the M25, I took us via the North Circular and guess what the police had closed the whole road, we were diverted into the depths of who knows where - so we were last to arrive!!

Anyway we all went for a walk in inappropriate footwear across the common - and it was a lovely sunny day so all good. I grew up here and spent many happy hours on the common and then subjected the kids to the same as they grew up.

Well this is my daughter and her fiancee Nic - they are so happy and now we have a lovely wedding to plan.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Well another momentous week in our household - my daughter has become engaged and plans to marry next summer - it is wonderful she is soo over the moon and happy - we are going to see her and her fiancee tonight so shall take some photos - I am obviously a very proud Mum!!!

Well I have been struggling to get any sewing done - we have been so busy in the shop but at last I have got this scrappy quilt top put together - It is the leftovers from my quilt along quilt and so I put it together like this - now wadded and basted just need to find time to quilt it!!

Anyway Caroline (my lovely daughter) is having a Halloween party at her flat - then she will be moving in with Nic the new fiancee - yeh. Anyway today with Angela and Barbara's help I have made her some bunting. Barbara has kindly modelled for me!!!

I think Barbara has done a sterling job - think if she plans to wear them as a bikini I should have enlarged them!!!!!!
So I am pleased with these and think that Caroline will be as well.
I am the luckiest Mum in the world with the best family ever!!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Well it is ages since I last sat down to update my blog - no excuses - I do not seem to have had time to turn around. I love reading other blogs and everyone else seems to have much more time in their days and so much more creativity than I do.

Hey Ho as usual life has been hectic, we have offered on a house and been accepted and instructed Solicitors and started paying out for fees etc. etc. etc. - but oh we are soo happy it is a lovely house.

Art & Stitch has been lovely and busy and yesterday Rob and I went to the Cambridge Quilters with the shop - they were making heart shaped cushions for the breastcare unit at Addenbrookes and it was lovely to see all the ladies working away. Rob and I had a lovely day and it was nice he came with me for company.

I have been doing lots of little bits and pieces and have incidentally started my Christmas Card making - but I am not going to show them on the blog as they will not be a surprise to anyone who I send cards to! Although my family normally end up routing through the boxes trying to choose which card they want!!!

Anyway the picture above is a wall hanging I have started to make which will hopefully look lovely when done - it is so easy to do and I am sitting doing them whilst watching the tele - so all good.
Now today, one of our ladies has come in to do a course with us and bought in two cushion covers that she had started with me on the crazy Cushion Workshop - aren't they lovely - it so nice to see the finished articles from people.

So now I think I shall try and finish my wallhanging - I have three quilts to finish - some Christmas presents to make - oh well I guess it will all get done one day.
Monday my daughter and I are off for some retail therapy together which will be good fun and next weekend is my sister's 64th birthday so a family outing is planned. It is also Rob's daughters Birthday same day - so next weekend is hectic which will be lovely - must take some photos.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Well not sure where to start as have had a really good few days! One of the best bits of news was I had my yearly check up yesterday and all clear - so now three years on and all clear - so although you tell yourself it is going to be good it is great to hear those words from the Consultant. Oh by the way he had warm hands!!!! Then Caroline and I went out to lunch and it is lovely to see my daughter so happy and relaxed - she has a very nice young man in her life and I am soo proud of her!!!

Then yesterday we had an offer on the house - so it looks like we are sold - we accepted and now tonight we are out viewing - how exciting is that. I shall be having a room purely for my sewing so that will be great.

I spent Sunday in the workroom as Rob was on nights and so sleeping at home and got my 'Chase the rectangle' quilt all wadded up and basted so it is ready for quilting now - I have put a really rich dark red on the back and it looks really warm and cosy.

On Friday I got the borders on my Quilt Along quilt and I am very pleased with them and now with the leftovers am starting another quilt so we shall wait and see what that comes out like

I have to pinch myself sometimes as I am such a lucky lady - I have a great job - great family - great friends - and good health - what more could I want!!!!

Now I had to show you this - a week or so back my friend - who has been raising money for Chesterton Church - was organising a display of crafts in the Church - so she prevailed on me for some bits and pieces - it all went very well and they raised some funds for the Church so she was very happy. Anyway at Line Dancing last night she gave me back my carrier bag of goodies (I got the bag free when my sister was buying a kettle at the le Crueset shop).
Well look who could not resist the temptation to see what was inside - she is a little madam - nothing in the house is Poppy proof!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Well I am finally getting some sewing done, I have been doing this advent calender at home watching the tele at night - I have to have something to do or I got to sleep and miss the most important part of whatever I am watching!

I also enjoy hand quilting and beading so it is quite theraputic really

Now for the Quilt Along that Angela and I started about four weeks ago - I am behind due to the hugely excessive amounts of holiday that I have taken - if you speak to Barbara she will tell you that I always on holiday!!!

Anyway here are all my blocks put together with a small border it is lovely and such an easy pattern to make just out of a jelly roll plus borders.

Now I have gone silly and decided to do fancy borders so have cut up a layer cake to make the borders

Here they are being chain stitched and hopefully by later today they might be ready to get put on the sides of the quilt - I think it is going to look lovely and I am pleased. So another quilt to back and quilt oh well what fun - I do love doing this!!