Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Well not sure where to start as have had a really good few days! One of the best bits of news was I had my yearly check up yesterday and all clear - so now three years on and all clear - so although you tell yourself it is going to be good it is great to hear those words from the Consultant. Oh by the way he had warm hands!!!! Then Caroline and I went out to lunch and it is lovely to see my daughter so happy and relaxed - she has a very nice young man in her life and I am soo proud of her!!!

Then yesterday we had an offer on the house - so it looks like we are sold - we accepted and now tonight we are out viewing - how exciting is that. I shall be having a room purely for my sewing so that will be great.

I spent Sunday in the workroom as Rob was on nights and so sleeping at home and got my 'Chase the rectangle' quilt all wadded up and basted so it is ready for quilting now - I have put a really rich dark red on the back and it looks really warm and cosy.

On Friday I got the borders on my Quilt Along quilt and I am very pleased with them and now with the leftovers am starting another quilt so we shall wait and see what that comes out like

I have to pinch myself sometimes as I am such a lucky lady - I have a great job - great family - great friends - and good health - what more could I want!!!!

Now I had to show you this - a week or so back my friend - who has been raising money for Chesterton Church - was organising a display of crafts in the Church - so she prevailed on me for some bits and pieces - it all went very well and they raised some funds for the Church so she was very happy. Anyway at Line Dancing last night she gave me back my carrier bag of goodies (I got the bag free when my sister was buying a kettle at the le Crueset shop).
Well look who could not resist the temptation to see what was inside - she is a little madam - nothing in the house is Poppy proof!!


  1. You most certainly have been busy ,as you were when I popped into the shop on Saturday ,nice to see you and Barbara ,however briefly ,Hope Angela is having a good time ..love Jan xx

  2. Good news all round Pam. Glad you got the all clear! Thanks for Jacob's birthday wishes and all your other comments.

  3. Forgot to say what great news' when you saw your consultant ,I am so pleased for you ...love Jan xx

  4. Great news from the consultant.
    The quilts are looking good. Haven't you been busy.

  5. Amazing news Pam! Hope the house hunting is going well :) xxx