Tuesday, 26 October 2010

We had a lovely family weekend - out with Rob's daughter Liz and her fiancee on Saturday and Mum for her 82nd birthday treat.

We went to Belton House nr Grantham which was lovely - Alistair has taken lots of photos but I have not got them yet. The weather was awful but the food was good there!!

Then Sunday we set off for London

Cannon Hill Common, Morden Surrey on 24th October 2010. It was my sister's 64th birthday so as a family we trooped down to have lunch with her - the sensible folks drove down the M25, I took us via the North Circular and guess what the police had closed the whole road, we were diverted into the depths of who knows where - so we were last to arrive!!

Anyway we all went for a walk in inappropriate footwear across the common - and it was a lovely sunny day so all good. I grew up here and spent many happy hours on the common and then subjected the kids to the same as they grew up.

Well this is my daughter and her fiancee Nic - they are so happy and now we have a lovely wedding to plan.


  1. I'm pleased you all had a lovely weekend. Your pictures are great, one big happy family with so much cheerful news.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Missed you on Saturday! (it was a very quiet class... can't imagine why)

  3. What a lovely weekend. I thought I saw someone waving to me from Belton ;)