Saturday, 28 July 2012

Well this is a very short blog - just had to let you know that I am not being lazy and doing absolutely nothing - it has just dawned on me how close my wedding is and I need to get my act into gear and get the final bits and pieces in place.   I have been making flowers ready for the place settings for the tables - these are just a few - I still have to get lots more made so this weekend is going to be busy for me. 

We are planning to sit down this week and do the sitting arrangements and then get all the little bits and pieces into place - so I shall be a busy lady for a while - yeh.

Caroline & Nic are bringing leo over to see us on Sunday - so shall take a break for that me thinks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

 Just had to show you our naughty cat - we obviously do not leave nice clean fresh water out in her bowl in the kitchen, we force her to have to drink from the fish pond - poor little fish must find it quite traumatising to see this thing looming over them.

Well last night we babysat for the very first time - he is absolutely gorgeous - and has grown up so much - filled out and is now starting to smile.    He is still very colicky but that is the first weeks for most babies.  But look at him in his chair talking away to us
Right well a big sign of relief - I have finished quilting my quilt to send to the NEC for Exhibition of Quilts - just have to put the hanging sleeve on.  Even if I say it myself I am very pleased with the way it has turned out and the quilting looks just right for the quilt.
I have finished this friendship braid quilt ready for a fund raising event for the Kensington & Chelsea and Slough Hospitals.  My Son's friend,  their daughter arrived somewhat suddenly and to say thank you for all their help at that time they are having a fund raising event for the two hospitals - so hopefully this will help to raise some monies for them.  Now I guess we have to hope the weather will be kind for them as well. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

 I have had a really good week, on Monday I went to join Anne Stacey at Debden House for the day, it was the four day summer school, but unfortunately this year I could not do the four days so I just went for the day, and had a great time.  Obviously in a day, with lots of catching up with friends from last year there was not a vast amount of sewing time, but I have started these blocks and so now I have to get them finished - another UFO.

I am not sure what Poppy was up to - a very odd place for a cat to be - but she is such a tinker that she gets everywhere - she was in the utility area - I think because of this rotten wet weather she cannot get out and about so she is up to mischief in the house! 
We had a visitor at Art and Stitch on Wednesday, she had just woken up and was very rosy cheeked - she is such a lovely little girl.  It was extra nice for us as Angela (Grumpy Grannie) was in Wales Dawn and I got big cuddles!!!

Rob and I were very pleased to see our second water lily come out yesterday, they have been struggling against the heavy rain this year.  Like just about everything else in the garden.

The rest of the week has been spent quilting my quilt for the NEC and I am now on the binding so shall take some photos next week once finished.  Also I have been doing a quilt for charity for my Son's friend for fund raising and it is nearly done - yeh so now I am feeling quite pleased with myself as I am nearly ahead of the game  - yeh!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

For Rob's Christmas present last year I bought him an Up Close Experience with Lions at Woburn Safari Park - it was a lovely day the weather was kind to us and the experience was brilliant.  You get taken into the park in a land Rover and drive across country to see the animals close up. This Tiger is one of two that they have  sisters taken from a German Zoo where they were not very happy.  This  one is very shy and stays hidden in the bushes so not normally seen from the road around the park.  Because they were on concrete at the zoo they are both suffering from bad hips apparently.

 Look at these beautiful big cats - they are a pride of ten - two castrated males - they apparently had a male until last year but he passed away - they have now got a a new male who is two years old and come from a circus - but he has been kept seperated for the time being as these are bullying him!!! 
He is a lovely big cat but we didn't manage to get a photo of him.
 It looks like life for these is very hard!    they get fed every three days and appear to sleep the rest of the time!

What a regal looking creature - not sure that we would have liked them so much if we had not been in the safety of the Land Rover!   They have apparently been known to bite the tyres of the Land Rover and puncture the tyres - but fortunately we did not experience that on Sunday.
We went on the foot safari around Woburn after - it is a lovely place and the animals are great - look at this gorgeous marmoset - so full of character and running free in their enclosure..
There was also the most gorgeous baby giraffe but we did not get close enough to get a picture of it.

I just had to show you these beautiful flowers - the Lillies were from Mark for my Birthday and the Carnations were from Rob.  They both know how much I love having flowers in the house.