Saturday, 14 July 2012

 I have had a really good week, on Monday I went to join Anne Stacey at Debden House for the day, it was the four day summer school, but unfortunately this year I could not do the four days so I just went for the day, and had a great time.  Obviously in a day, with lots of catching up with friends from last year there was not a vast amount of sewing time, but I have started these blocks and so now I have to get them finished - another UFO.

I am not sure what Poppy was up to - a very odd place for a cat to be - but she is such a tinker that she gets everywhere - she was in the utility area - I think because of this rotten wet weather she cannot get out and about so she is up to mischief in the house! 
We had a visitor at Art and Stitch on Wednesday, she had just woken up and was very rosy cheeked - she is such a lovely little girl.  It was extra nice for us as Angela (Grumpy Grannie) was in Wales Dawn and I got big cuddles!!!

Rob and I were very pleased to see our second water lily come out yesterday, they have been struggling against the heavy rain this year.  Like just about everything else in the garden.

The rest of the week has been spent quilting my quilt for the NEC and I am now on the binding so shall take some photos next week once finished.  Also I have been doing a quilt for charity for my Son's friend for fund raising and it is nearly done - yeh so now I am feeling quite pleased with myself as I am nearly ahead of the game  - yeh!


  1. Your drunkards path is looking good. Cuddles with Ellie! The pond lillies look good.

  2. Gorgeous baby and your lily looks beautiful. I shall look forward to seeing your quilt at Festival. xx