Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well here is the corner of my quilt that I am busy doing at the moment - this is a lovely colourful one and I am enjoying quilting it - will take some more pictures as it comes along.
So many ends to sew in though.

Well in case you all thought you had heard the last of the wedding - sorry you haven't!!
This is one of the cakes I made for them - they did not want one big wedding cake they wanted 'Mum's' Cakes made by Nic's Mum also a Pam and myself and they made cupcakes. It was a lovely selection and everyone enjoyed them.

Caroline and Nic wanted their day to be unsusual and different and fun and they had all this wedding memorabilia made and put on a table as everyone went into the venue - what fun!!

This is the bridal Suite at the Talbot Hotel in Oundle how lovely is that bed and the bath was an enormous roll top one.

I currently have the flowers that were on the mantle at the venue on my kitchen windowsill - they are soo lovely and colourful and keeping really well.

Okay so lastly proud Mum again these are my two baby boys dancing away together - don't they look lovely I am the luckiest Mum ever I think.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
    All the cakes were lovely.

  2. Love the quilt colours and the quilting looks exciting too. What lovely ideas your daughter and husband had for their big day! :-)