Friday, 1 February 2013


 Mt Sister is a Volunteer at Kew Gardens and is currently up to her knees in moss and orchids.  Kew hold an annual Orchid Festival during February each year and they are currently endeavouring to get it all finished for the 9th February I think that is when it starts.  These two photos are of a previous year - the Festival is fabulous and the Orchids are so wonderful.  The Kew website has all the details 

I really love Kew Gardens there is something lovely about walking around in the warm glass houses looking at all the wonderful colours when it is cold and grey outside.  Yet Kew has something to offer for every season.

Well we have had this lovely printed panel come into the shop and I just had to sit and bead it - I could have carried on - but decided enough was enough - it looks great hanging in the shop.

I had planned to bring in my finished quilt today, but poppy had other ideas - I finished stitching the binding on last night and am really chuffed with myself - another UFO totally done.  The smaller one on top that poppy is sitting on is a wall hanging with fractured crazy stars and I am currently quilting that - so hopefully next week that will be finished too  yeh!!

I am really pleased with myself as at the end of last year I was struggling to see the woods for the trees and couldn't envisage getting items finished.  Julie I think you were so right in your words of wisdom and thank you for your support.

Oh Just another quick thing - daft really - I have just read The Secret Garden  (Francis Hodgson Burnett)- oh it was so magical - I had seen the film but cannot remember reading the book before and it transfixed me - I could not put it down.  Then I found there had been a sequel written by another author several years later - The Forgotten Room by Stacie Morrell - it was lovely - I sat and cried my way through it - a really good light read that had a superb feel good factor.

Well now I had better go and start the day and show willing.   I cannot promise to keep up regular blogs but I am going to try.


  1. The Orchids look lovely. They are special flowers and I'm sure the festival will be great.
    Well done you for finishing some projects.I love The Secret Garden film so much that I've got it on dvd.

  2. It's years since I've been to Kew and my everlasting memory is of the pagoda that I saw when I was a child. The orchid display will be amazing, they are such beautiful plants. My mum loves them and used to be able to get them to flower again. I am useless with any indoor plants! Your beaded panel is delightful, what a lovely idea! I'm pleased you have found your momentum again, it was just having a little rest ;-) I shall have to read 'The Secret Garden' and get the hankies ready for The Forgotten Room, I did have a little smile at crying all the way thro making it a good read ;-) but I do know what you mean. Have a good weekend.

  3. Ive never read the book either, only seen several versions in film. Must look it out and the sequel too!
    I fell in love with orchids in Sri Lanka when we used to fly there in the RAF....such exquisite flowers....... grace in flower form.