Thursday, 28 February 2013

End of February

 I cannot believe we are now at the end of February - where does the time just fly to - I have to confess I am having a good year to date - but then I must admit I like to look at my cup and see it full to the brim - so much nicer than it being empty.

We had a wonderful, but cold afternoon with excellent friends at Anglesey Abbey on Sunday, the snowdrops as ever were wonderful.  The scones and the tea brilliant.  It was just such a shame it was soo cold - but hey ho it is still winter!   We went in the mill for the first time and it is very impressive.
Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust property and well worth a visit any time of the year the house is lovely and the grounds superb.
Well Monday - after popping to see young grandson Leo, Rob and I headed up to Stamford Lincs. to his favorite place!   Not quite as neat and tidy as Art and Stitch but as this was my first visit I was transfixed.  The selection of different woods was fantastic - I think I probably drove the owner mad asking where they all came from!   The different grains and colours - and oh the smell when you walked through the door it was gorgeous.  Rob wondered around and chose his pieces of wood - some of which are now starting to be worked in the workshop for his next set of boxes he plans to make.

 The owner was getting ready for a show and this pile of Lime was ready to be put on a van.  He sells wood all ready for turning, and working on in any way you wish.

Look at the pattern on this - drat I have forgotten the name of this particular wood
 You can ferret through this pile and find some really interesting planks - all the different types and grain.
Unfortunately I have blurred  this slightly but the grain is fabulous and this piece of wood is in the process of being worked on now for a box - show you later!!!

Right well I have been finishing off my UFO's and plan to try and continue so doing - for a little longer until the pile decreases slightly.  Let us hope that March brings us some sunshine and spring will be just around the corner.

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  1. Glad you had a nice time at Anglesey the snowdrops look lovely. I think you should have paid more attention when you were in the wood store, what if Rob decides to give you a test?