Thursday, 3 October 2013


 I had a move round with some of my quilts and decided that my Twisted Turning Twenty that I made last year and did actually put in the NEC in 2012 - and got some lovely comments about it - which was nice.  Well Rob and I felt it was a waste to be folded up so it is now on the back bed and cried out for some cushions to go with it.  So using the Crazy Quilt template I bought sometime ago I have made a cushion using the scraps that were left..  I made two and am really pleased with them
 On the bed together they look lovely - now I feel a wall hanging to match is required!!  Oh we have to buy new curtains as they do not match the quilt - whoops!!
 Poppy was in extremely helpful mood whilst I was quilting them and here she is being more of a hindrance than a help!
 Rob and I took young Leo to Ferry Meadows and he had a lovely time, we took his new ball and he laughed and laughed whilst we paid with him.   There are some lovely wood carvings in Ferry Meadows and this family of ducks really appealled to Leo he was absolutely fascinated.
I am busy knitting Rob an Aran jumper and have finished the main knitting so have to join shoulder seams and knit the collar - will post a photo when it is finished.

Well am going to do some quilting now - have a quilt wadded and ready to go so must get started.

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