Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Finished bits and bobs and a fabulous family meal

Well I had intended these photos to go on blogger in a different order but me being me managed to get them on in this sequence.  I had intended  the blog to start with some little bits and pieces that I have been making and finished for the festive season.  Then to lead onto the family Sunday meal - but as you can see the photos have managed to reverse themselves!!

So we start with Leo modelling his Postman Pat jumper - he prefers to look at it and keep pointing to Jesse rather than wear it - typical - but he does love it and looks gorgeous in it.
We run to a good size family when we are altogether - and it is lovely to have them all round chatting and laughing and quite alot of eating!
 Leo decided half way through that Nanny's dinner looked very interesting so came to join me he had devoured his parnsnips - his Mum's parsnips then had mine - cheeky thing.
So now we come onto the finished projects - I just loved the chunky ultra wool we had in so had to make this jacket and felt that our Liz was the suitable candidate for it - she says it is lovely and warm and it is nice to see her wearing it.
 We made these little gift bags at our Art and Stitch Christmas Club - aren't they just gorgeous
 As I have been saying all year - I have been endeavouring to finish some of my UFO's and these two Christmas Stockings are now finished and look lovely
 Again this picture was an Art and Stitch Christmas Club project so I got this finished -as well - honestly I have to stop making Christmas items or we will be absolutely entrenched.
So that is all for now - I am busy knitting again and will show you the little jackets I am making with the Galaxy Glittery wool.   But oh we have some new wool in today and I think I may just have to induldge!!

Working here is just too tempting!!!


  1. You've been very busy and I love the jacket you've knitted. Lovely to spend time with family.

  2. I already buy more stuff than I ever have time to make... I'd be hopeless if I worked there all the time! My eldest had a Postman Pat jumper just like Leo's... 31 years ago!