Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where has August gone to?

I really cannot credit that we are almost at the end of August - where oh where has this  month flown to.
I started the month by partially retiring and had such plans to get so much done - and I guess in truth I haven't done too badly at all.
It has been a lovely month weather wise, and Rob and I have been busy out in the garden endeavouring to keep the weeds at bay.

Anyway creativity, I have managed to finish a couple of quilts and I am rather chuffed with this lovely little bag I made for myself, it is just the right size and soo useful and with the central phone pocket, has made Rob's day as he could get to the phone when it rang the other day and I was driving without having to delve into the depths of the bag and then miss the call - so he was  well pleased.

When Rob and I went to the Spalding Quilt show we got some fat eights in these gorgeous Kath Fassette fabrics and I have with the help of fabric from Art and Stitch turned it into a disappearing NinePatch.  I quilted it with my wavy ruler and now it is finished.  This is Rob's quilt he fell for the colours and this will be on his armchair for him to snuggle up in on a chilly day.

So now we are looking forward to our first wedding anniversary next week - where oh where has that year gone to- then September I am going to endeavour to finish at least one more of my unfinished projects - yet hopefully look for something new to do.

Actually, I am on the felting course at Art and Stitch on Saurday for the Felted Beach scene - I have never done felting before - but now I am semi-retired I have the time to do the courses - oh how lovely  - I am looking forward to my day.  Barbara's Daughter Sam is doing the course with me so we shall have lots of fun and learn a new technique how great.

Hopefully something to blog about very soon!

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  1. A year already?! I can't believe it! Happy (paper) Anniversary for next week :) I love your new bag! xx