Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A fabulous five days

Well it has been a fabulous five days, it started last Friday - with my Sister arriving to stay and then we went with Paul (eldest son) Mark (youngest son) Rob Maggie and I to Clarke's Restaurant in Peterborough.  it is the nearest Peterborough has to a Michellin Star rated restaurant.  It was absolutely fantastic - they have moved into bigger premises which are lovely.  We went to celebrate the night before Paul's Wedding and it great.

Well Saturday dawned sunny and Maggie, Caroline and I headed to the hairdressers, and Rob & Mark headed to Paul's to get dressed - have a brunch and then head to the venue in a vintage Camper Van - the van was fantastic.
Well here are a few snippets of the day, which was fantastic, it ran so smoothly, The Haycock Hotel at Wansford, did a fabulous job - they looked after us all so well and it just became totally magical.
The Bride (Ericha) was radient, the Groom (Paul) was so Handsome (not biased)

The cake was made by Ericha's very talented Mum - Anne - it tasted delicious as well and looked beautiful.

The flowers were all blue and out of this world, I bought some home and these are now sitting in my hearth in the living room.

A group photo of proud parents, Ushers and Brothers

Of course Leo was thoroughly enjoying himself - he was given a special jigsaw to play with and so had a great time.

We all stayed over at the Haycock on Saturday night - and then had a restful lovely day on Sunday.
Then Monday we headed to London, I had bought Rob tickets to go up The Shard and this was the view it was fabulous - a clear day and a total view all over London and surrounding countryside.  It was amazing

Then on Tuesday Rob and I took Leo to the playpark and he had a great time - well we most certainly did!!

So there you go an edited version of our fabulous five days.  I am so proud of my family and they all made the day so magical.

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  1. The bride and groom look amazing! Ericha's dress is stunning. What a wonderful day and so many happy memories. I don't think you'll get me up the Shard though ;-)