Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Look at me I am all ready to go to work Mummy!!

So glad you have filled this with nice soft bits and pieces so I can have a sleep in it.

The little minx gets into the sewing room and this bag is on the very top shelf so she climbed up and sat in the bag - I hadn't realised she was there until when I was sewing and a head popped over the top of the bag - as much as to say how dare you disturb me!!!

Well I am busy making pin cushions for the tombola at St Ives - using up lots of bits and pieces of fabric and keeping me quiet in the evenings.

Now I just had to show you my Boys - aren't they all three bobby dazzlers!!

The youngest turned up yesterday for his tea, took home a tupperware box of chocolate chip cookies, half a quiche, oh and Mum whilst I raid your cupboards please can you repair my trousers!!!! What else are Mum's for!!!

1 comment:

  1. What a cheeky little cat. The pincushions are looking lovely. Three very smart men.