Saturday, 31 March 2012

Well I have once again been somewhat tardy in blogging - not that I did not want to, but time has been against me as always - oh here come the excuses I hear you cry!!
 Well I had to sho you the naughtiest cat of all times - how rude is this - good job the table runner goes in the washing machine - and madam was evicted with haste after I took the photo!!
Okay I apologise my blogging skills are not brilliant and I have managed to upload the same picture twice - doh!!!!   We have been having workshops doing these Seasonal pictures and this is my funky summer - it is gorgeous I love it!!!  Barbara was agreat help as I was changing my mind re fabrics through the making process so it was being reversed stitched in several places.
We had a fabulous group of ladies making Chickens and this is my three - and they currently all have their creme eggs in place in the pockets!   I bought a pack of six so have been able to nibble through the spares!  These are going to three little girls for Easter.
Here is the rest of the pack that our ladies made - they all came out in varying shapes and sizes - but everyone had a fabulous day.
Well I have been making some little bits for the next Tombola and have done so flower brooches and am really pleased with them.
Well honestly my blogging skills are useless - how did this picture of the chickens get in here - I honestly do not recall pressing any buttons to upload this - but they are the cheekiest little chickens and they snuk in - not my fault at all!!
Well this is my current project at home - not done very much at all as yet - but having fun doing this - I am of course impatient and want to get it finished asap. 

Well I have managed to get one quilt wadded up this week - and we did one of Barbara's as well between us - which is a start - we both have so many to do that it will be several more trips to the Poppy Rom to get them done - but we have made a decision that this is our next aim to get them at least wadded up - we will get them finished sometime!!!

Right well work calls - have a fabulous weekend everyone - shame the weather has gone cooler - but it is only the end of March. 

Oh just a snippet of trivia  eight weeks time and I am going to become a Nanny!   No excitement there, is there!!!

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  1. That cat really has got more than nine lives.Your picture is really funky and fun and we all know that it was made by you because it revolves around food!At least the eggs made it into the chickens this year and you didn't eat all of them this time. I'm looking forward to seeing the hanging you are working on.