Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A busy day on Saturday, we had two fabulous workshops running, and here are the Big |Square bags my ladies were making - aren't they all fabulous.  I just love the way they all look so different depending upon the fabrics chosen.  We had two new ladies who have done very little before and their bags were fabulous - they said they had a great day and will be returning for more courses.  Actually they booked some whilst here!! 

We also had a wonderful workshop with hexagon boxes and unfortunately, we were not quick enough to get some photos - I am going to ask some of the ladies to bring theirs in to show us so we can get some piccies to show you all.

Well it was Mother's Day - oh no great news there - and I had a wonderful day with all the family, we were so lucky that we joined forces with the Elliott Family and the Pardoe/Winter Clan and had a wonderful lunch and lots of chatter, laughter and fun.  Thank you to Caroline and Nic for organising it and thanks to all for coming and making it such a lovely day.
Mark thought my waistline needs expanding and bought me this lovely cake, and Paul got me these flowers.  Caroline & nic bought me a lovely new address book, which was oh so needed, the old one had lost pages got more crossed out addresses etc. etc. so i satu and wrote all the addresses into the new book on Sunday - so thank you Caroline & Nic a present that will be well used.
I know I am an indulgent Mother but I am so lucky and so proud of them all. 


  1. Aaahhh a lovely day. The bags are fabulous.

  2. Gorgeous bags! and a very impressive chocolate cake!