Thursday, 8 March 2012

I have been trying to get some of my quilts finished - I have made myself a promise that some of the projects have to be completed.  Whether I shall stick to this or not is debatable of course.  Anyway this is a lovely courthouse steps with little teddies peeking out - and I was making it for my friend's daughters baby - well I finished it yesterday and the baby was born yesterday - phew good timing or what.
I started this Radient Star ages and ages ago and yesterday I managed to get it wadded and backed so just the quilting to go!!   I am going to finish this as it is a wallhanging for home so it is going to get done!!  
So I guess I had better get started!!  We are having social stitching today at Art and Stitch so nice and busy.  It is also a lovely sunny day and I left home with Rob hanging the towels on the line - oh I love seeing washing on the line - sad I know!!   Chicken curry for tea tonight with the youngest son - he loves his food!   My daughter is now very pregnant 29 weeks and a lovely bump and the young man is kicking well  - she looks really happy - which is great.

Rob has ordered some new clamps and a new saw for his workshop and has made the most gorgeous small box - I shall take a photo and show you - he is magic at woodwork and has been making legs for a table for my sister for a piece of indian marble she bought home last year.  We are taking the legs down to her this weekend and will see the finished table - I am certain it will look spectacular.

Right well now I have bored you all to tears with life in our household I am off to sew and finished my wallhanging. 


  1. The quilts look very nice but I have to say that little bear is very cheeky.
    It's nice that Caroline is feeling better.