Saturday, 10 March 2012

Well I have had instructions from Angela that I should update my blog - and as I do not wish to be sacked on Tuesday I am for once doing as I am told!!!!
I have been busily making this wonderful wall hanging at home in the evenings - I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am feeling somewhat at a loss now as it is finished!
I have enhanced with suffolk puffs and buttons and beads and it will be hanging on my landing - but at the moment is residing in Art and Stitch.

I mentioned the other day that Rob - is very busy in his workshop which is a fabulous place a hive of machinery - saws, clamps, etc. etc.  - anyway here is the lovely little box that he has just finished.  There are more in the preparation stage and they are so pretty.

Right well we are in the middle of a fabulous scrappy workshop here at Art and Stitch and I am off to go and see how they are all doing - taken some photos and will show you them next week.  Hope everyone that reads this blog has a great weekend.


  1. Wonderful is the word. It's beautiful! I shall look forward to seeing the scrappy photos.

  2. It's about time you blogged about this hanging it is lovely. Your use of suffolk puffs and buttons realy adds to it.

  3. Hi pam hope you get this comment happy scrappy quilt looks good. Margaret. Will sort out my blogg xx