Friday, 7 January 2011

Well Happy New Year (okay somewhat belatedly) to everyone who reads my blog.

Gosh I cannot believe we are at the 7th of the month already - it seems to have flown by - soon be Christmas!!!!!

I do hope everyone had good holidays and New Year breaks - our family get togethers all went very well and it was lovely to have them all around.
Today is my eldest son's 30th Birthday - wow - he was most miffed as he has an important meeting at work today and when he jokingly said oh nice Birthday present - the Big Big Boss said oh that will be good you can bring the cakes!!!!! So he was up at 6 15 am to cycle to the station get his train to Kings Cross cycle to Kennington and purchase cakes on the way!!!

I meant to bring in an uptodate photo but forgot - here he is with his sister and baby brother many years ago he would have been six at the time but I love this photo of the three of them.

Well Art & Stitch has been mega busy since Christmas - so not much time for creativity at present. Though I wanted to share these - we have a group once a month and we are making a Mystery Quilt - they had to choose their colours and I have been feeding them the parts of the blocks (well Block one at present) and here are their first blocks all put together - they have to make thirteen of these and then we have to start Block Two and I shall drip feed them the parts of this as well. Then they have got a pieced border to make - yeh I am soo pleased with all their first Blocks and it is amazing how the colours have all come together. I managed to sigh with relief when they were all happy with the results!!

So as this project progresses I shall show you more of their efforts.
I have got several quilts to layer and finish - but hey ho they will get done at some stage.
Life seems hectic we are still awaiting a date for the house move though it is moving slowly slowly forwards.
Right well today I intend to make a scissor case for my new shears that I got for Christmas so must go and see if I can make head nor tail of the pattern I have.


  1. The blocks for the mystery quilt are lovely and it's nice to see Barbara is catching up :-)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your scisscor keeper finished.

  2. Happy New Year Pam :-) Where do the years go? My stepdaughter was 30 in October and I find it hard to believe that she is so grown up.

    The blocks are lovely. I love the one with the butterfly centre. I hope you r move soon gets going.